Almost there! :)

Almost there! :)

Hi everyone!! So myself and my partner (Rob) went for our "top of the waiting list" appointment on the 9th May. The consultant at JCUH was lovely -she ran through all that we needed to know about hormones, injections, retrieval and the not so glamorous side effects. I have to call the hospital on 23rd to make our appointment to start the treatment process, and hopefully will be in July :D :D :D . Does anyone have any advice,tips or what to expect?? Any help appreciated. Thank you for reading :) best wishes and good luck to everyone for what ever stage of your journey you are at :) xxx

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  • Hi Laura, great news you're getting going and have dates planned, all the best with it. All I'd advise is to try to take one day & stage at a time and keep an open mind, things can change quickly with a process like IVF so try not be be too fixated on one date/outcome/way of doing things. Also try not to put your whole life on hold, which is easier said than done I know! Keep communicating with your partner, I've found this so important and it's really brought us closer together.

    Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Thank you Georgina! I'll try, I will have to admit though.... I'm not the most patient person in the world but I know I need to slow down on things a little (so I keep being told lol), the past week since my app I'm finding it quite difficult not to think about anything else and it's driving me insane, which probably isn't too healthy - saying that my period is due today and am feeling emotional! I'm sure I will regain some form of sanity when it has passed :D lol Thank you again xxxx

  • I'm not the most patient either, but IVF does teach you to be a bit more as so much is out of your hands. It's definitely normal to not be able to think of much else, I'm definitely guilty of that too! The hormones don't help either of course! You'll be ok, just take support from those who you know will be there for you & will try to understand even if they have no experience of fertility treatment, that's if you're telling anyone of course.

    Hope the time goes fast for you xx

  • Thank Georgina, I appreciate it. There are a select few people that know :) I'm keeping it small just to avoid explaining any unfortunate events to millions lol Thank you again xxxxx

  • Hi I'm hoping to start my in July too 😊 it's my second cycle,

    I had my consultation the same day as you I'm just awaiting my nurse appointment to go over the treatment and injections,

    The best tip I can give although it's easier said than done it's say positive through out,

    Good luck with your journey xx 🍀⭐️🍀

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