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Help with first FET and downregulating

I've been back and forth with the clinic trying to agree on a treatment plan for my first FET. Our clinic prescribes Depot Decapeptyl injection on D21 but as I have short cycles D21 doesn't figure so I've been told to have it on D1. There are a number of issues that I have with this one off injection (not agreeable with low ovarian reserve, high risk of cyst formation, ovaries will take a while to recover from medication) and so the clinic has suggested I can use buserelin to down regulate.

I have to ask about the timeframe for treatment if I use buserelin but does anyone have experience of starting downreg with buserelin at the beginning / D1 of your period? I've just started my period again and could begin downreg tomorrow but I'm wondering whether to delay or take the plunge as have been so stressed out with finding answers to my questions. I think my biggest worry is the possibilty of doing another freeh cycle so I want to be sure the medication I'm taking for FET will not impact the condition of my ovaries for future stimulation.

Am I overthinking it all? Feeling worried and frustrated and in need of some advice x

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I am sorry I cannot offer any answers but did not want to read and run. I have PCOS and have used D1-3 Decapeptyl for my last 3 FET cycles (currently on my 4th). During my 2nd cycle the Decepeptyl did not appear to be doing it's job and I was topped up with buserlin - I recall feeling rotten with the Buserlin and I think it added another 2 weeks to the process. I have never had a Buserlin cycle from scratch though.


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