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UTI's...any connection to having trouble conceiving?

I haven't been on here for a couple of months as after 3 IVF's and finally getting pregnant I unfortunately miscarried at 7 weeks before December.

Anyway, before doing IVF I got quite a few UTI and now that we are trying to get back into having sex again I'm getting them again. I mentioned it at the clinic in passing a while ago and they didn't think it was anything to worry about....but it can't be a good thing!? Especially as they know why I've been finding it so hard to conceive.

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Hi, Casbah!

Despite rumors, conception and UTI do not work against each other. In most cases, the presence of a UTI will not damage attempts to conceive. They say that in many cases, women suffer minor symptoms of it without even realizing they have the infection. I have never been in the trouble myself but know about it from my friend’s experience. If I’m not mistaken among the most common symptoms are frequent urination, burning sensation on passing urine and strong smelling urine. Are these the things you’re suffering from?

Different resources tell that there are no obvious harmful effects of the bacterial infection. Most women with UTI while trying to conceive are unlikely to experience problems directly related to the presence of bacteria in the urinary tract. But I’m sure it should be taken as a disease one has to get rid of. Any untreated infection can lead to more unpleasant symptoms. The use of antibiotics while trying to conceive is also believed to have no direct negative impact.

On the contrary, they say there has been link between UTIs during pregnancy and subsequent premature birth and birth defects!!!

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Yes those are my symptoms. Thanks for the info. I just wanted to check as I was worried I had an issue that was being ignored.


Hi Casbah. I just wanted to add that if you are getting infections regularly, have you received any treatment? Also, if this is a regular occurrence, then perhaps your partner/husband needs to be treated too?? Diane


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