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Is it only us our clinic seems to be messing about 😕.

We have had all our sign up meetings at IVF clinic on 4th December where we were suppose to get our dates for starting and egg collection. That didn't happen because a embrogigist was leaving they said they would ring us the following week with a date. They phoned up and said problem with throixine levels ( which is all sorted now) we will phone u the 4th Jan .. we phoned on 5th Jan as no phone call from clinic and got fobbed off by receptionist that someone would call back .... they didn't phoned again today the receptionist offered us a appointment 9th January to get dates off nurses ..... we had this appointment in December...... asked for a nurse to phone us and yet again no phone call .!!!!!!!

We were given a approximate time line of end jan/ begaining of February which is making this so much more frustrating sick of waiting day to day for a phone to tell us when we might start 😢

My stress levels are through the roof before we have begain this journey

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If we hadn't chased ours we would have been booted off the wait list. We were referred and given a first appointment. They called and cancelled saying they would post us a new date. 3 weeks later I phoned up and they said that theywwould call back. A week later still nothing. And then informed that our funding would expire before completion so we would have to be referred again... I wouldn't accept that answer. It went ahead quickly but it was subpar. When it failed they offered me private treatment at just over £7500! Said you get what you pay for and premium treatment was just over £10k.

I went elsewhere for private.

Stay on your clinic and make sure they answer any questions or concerns you have. We felt so in the dark.


Thank you for replying can't belive how un organised these clinics are. They must realise they ado stress.

My clinic phoned tonight at 7:30 pm they have given me a collection date as long as my period comes on Tuesday 😕 so just have to see what my body decides now I guess.

That's really bad the clinic saying you get what you pay for .... I think I'd of gone else where too.



"you get what you pay for" is one of the most stupid things anyone can say regarding IVF- "I'm paying for a baby so go and get me one please..."

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