Hi everyone, hope you all had a fab christmas with your loved ones. I was hoping the Christmas celebrations would help me to take my mind off everything but unfortunately it hasn't. Im 5dp5dt and im still getting cramping pains off and on. Mostly in my left side but sometimes switches to my right, but not at the same time together. Im worried af is going to show her face as my period would be due today. Would the cramping be worse if both of my embryos were implanting?? Sorry everyone just really, really, really want our Christmas miracle xx

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  • Hi chick I had cramping all through my 2week wait mainly the left side and I had one embryo in and I thought that af was coming but no I had twins on board the egg spilt so it's hard to tell but try to keep calm 2 week wait is the hardest hurdle chick sending you lots of baby dust chick xxxx

  • Thank you kim. Im just really worried as the last time I had this I had a bfn so juat makes me panic more. Thats fab news. Im getting pains in my groin by my hips in the night at first but now in the day to. I just hope its all for the good. Thank you xx

  • I just wanted to check did you have any implantation bleeding or discharge? I know some people don't have any but again I have had nothing so just wondering if thats normal?

  • I had no bleeding or any discharge chick at all so I've got my fingers crossed for u chick 👍xxxxx

  • Ok thanks kim. That makes me feel a bit better. You hear so many people saying about it but i just wondered does everyone get it. Im keeping everything humanly possible crossed. Thank you again. Hope everything is ok with your twins? Xx

  • Your welcome anytime chick and I have everything crossed for u👍 my girls are great there eight months old and perfect thank you for asking👍xxxxz

  • That is lovely. I bet the last 8 months have gone fast for you to!! Thank you. My pains have eased off dramatically today so i hope thst just means that our embryos all bedded in. Its the not knowing and having to wait so long before i can test. Just trying to keep positive xx

  • It really has carnt believe it but all fun times😄 I'm happy your pains have eased off the not knowing makes you go crazy I know when your test date chick? Keep us updated and sending you all the luck in the world👍xxxx

  • Im due to test on sun 3rd so I have some time. Just hope the pains stopping is a good sign rather than a bad one. I will hopefully have good news xx

  • Hello

    I just wanted to add that I had cramps during my 2ww too. I think they were down to bruising and all the prodding about from the IVF process rather than an indication of whether I was pregnant. I didn't have any bleeding during the 2ww either. We got a BFP.

    During the 2ww I kept repeating to myself that there was nothing to suggest it hadn't worked and I really found that helped! I also kept busy with cinema trips and box sets both of which took my mind off things!

    Good luck x

  • Thank you hopeful1982. I think because you hear of so many people saying they had no pains but did have the implantation spotting etc it makes you paranoid if you dont have it. Im trying to keep positive but sometimes the pains take over and worry me again. Thank you for your advice xx

  • It's only natural to worry. I found the second week was definitely the hardest. All you can do is keep reinforcing positive thoughts, keep busy and don't test early! Lol x

  • Funnily enough i did say about testing early but its not going to help if its negative and that could just be because my levels are too low at the mo. I have never tested early yet so wont do it this time. Thank you for your help. Hope i can be as strong as you xx

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