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Second Cycle = failure

Our second cycle has been a failure and we've taken it a lot harder this time. Feeling frustrated and bewildered, wish we just knew the reason for these failures, think it be easier to deal with.

Only one try left and it is really hard to stay positive. Last time we had a 5 day blastocyst, this time has 2 slow growers transferred. Is there a reason in the quality difference in embryos?

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Firstly I hope your okay as u can be as this is one heck of a journey, I'm in my 2ww on blastocyst transfer and I tested 9 days past transfer and was negative, I know it's game over for me even tho I don't test until Saturday I think u know your own body don't u. I'm like u I have 1 go after this and I to want to know what the problem is I'm going to ask about nk cells and maybe having an endo scratch even if I have to pay extra in regards to your embyro quality please don't best yourself up about it egg quality can change all the time just because u got slightly slow growing ones this time doesn't mean next time u will, quality can be to do with a lot of things diet stress medication, I was stressed and worried through my cycle I thought this would take my egg right down to a small cell but it didn't I got good quality eggs but my body defo didn't want the embyro this time, it's hard it really is, I suffer with endo so getting good eggs for me was a bonus but holding the embyro isn't happening like u I want answers, was Saturday your test day xxxx


I had the glue so going to have the scratch and the glue this time which is around £440. I haven't has acupuncture but not sure if its worth it or not? I have been really healthy, don't smoke or drink, exercise regularly and switched to de-caf! I wasn't really stressed at all this time around, I've got an underactive thyroid and PCOS.

My test day was Saturday but tested Friday and Wednesday as I just knew I was going to come on and Friday I did! :o(



Hi sjbiddington. So sorry to hear this, as unfortunately, we can’t always give an answer as to why a cycle of treatment fails, at whatever stage. Your embryologist may be able to shed some light on your embryo progression. I do have a list of questions I can send you if you would like – too long to add here. But if you email me in confidence to dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will forward them to you. There just may be 1 or 2 you hadn’t thought of asking when you go back to see your consultant. Thinking of you, and get some rest if you can. Diane


Our first fail hit me harder than the second. It was obvious that the second round embryos were not very good quality so I was more prepared for the BFN. First round everything went as the clinic said it would so I really hoped that it would work.

Like Diane says they don't know why it doesn't work.

I'm on the 16 day wait for testing from round 3, it doesn't seem to get any easier.

Thinking of you.



Dear sjbiddington, I know the paint from such failures. As in your case I had 2 of them after unsuccessful de ivf. If I've understood you correctly they transferred 2 slow growers. I believe embryo quality makes the difference. But I'm sure your experts chose just the most attractive ones for the transferring. Excuse me for sounding this kind, I mean talking about babies to be in such a way. But these are just medical truth. They have to make this selection in order to grow the healthy being.

We had absolutely healthy embryos the first two times. But each time something was going wrong and they didn't survived. So such bad trick may be played on every quality emryos.

We got pregnant from the 3rd attempt, feeling the same as you feel before the final test. So I wish the 3rd try may be the last for you and you conceive a wonderful baby!

Be strong, just know you'll succed! Xx


Hi! I am on the same situation like you! Second ICSI=failed. We both took it very hard this time. Frustration and anger it is what I feel at the moment. I have so many questions that nobody can answer. I feel like I want to cry for a whole day maybe after I will feel better. So sad what we are going through. Xx


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