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Positive news

I haven't been on for a while and would love to share part of my journey with you all. Xx

When we got the devastating news about me starting the menopause early and having to have ivf as our only option it felt like our world has been torn apart X if you knew me you would know that my dream was to have a family :) X

So...... We started our what seemed long journey into the ivf and all the clinic visits and meeting all the people that were going through the day sort of thing with different reasons of course X I wasn't the only one I didn't realise how big of community were going through it X all the hurt you hurt for everybody becuase we are all trying so hard X we had the medicines the injections and finally the egg was inserted back X we had the waiting game X we have a positive result X we also had a fall through a weeks later :( X

Whilst trying to get over that and start the next course of be we continued our lives trying to be stress free we had a week down skeggy win parents and my parents children and it was lovely ....

I came back ready to start again to be told I need to have a killer test done so I needed to ovulate xx 32 days of doing ovulation tests still nothing ....


Me being me decided to take a pregnancy test ....

To be told.....


We had caught naturally X we was over the moon :)

We are now currently 16 weeks and enjoying every part xx

This is jut a message to tell everyone don't give up HOPE good things to happen and that from me is a promise xx

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Congratulations litle3535. Your story is very inspiring so thank you for sharing it with us. I hope you have a healthy, stress free pregnancy. Good luck xx


Congratulations! It's always great to hear such positive stories!


Wow, congratulations!! What a lovely happy outcome.


Congratulations, what a lovely story and very encouraging. Wishing you a happy pregnancy and fantastic times ahead. Just shows you......



Congratulations and wishing u a happy & healthy pregnancy x


Wow, congratulations.


Congratulations, this does happen a lot more than you'd think. It's as if the ivf treatment kicks mother nature into gear! I'm hoping the person I know who lost her ivf little one recently can do this too. One can but hope.


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