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Intra-lipid infusion

I've had a follow up letter to confirm that if I go through a 3rd cycle that the clinic would suggest I try the use of an intra-lipid infusion. We spoke about whether my body was killing the cells due to my type 1 diabetes or not. He said there wasn't a way to test but he has had other diabetics who for some reason don't fall pregnant easily.

Anyone had any experience of this treatment? Worth a shot?

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Hi Soapsuds86. It has been known for some years that intralipid causes mild suppression of the immune system. Some consultants have started using intralipid in IVF to treat women who suffer from recurrent miscarriage, or repeated failed implantation following embryo transfer. Normally the lining of the uterus contains immune cells that are specially adapted to tolerate an embryo. However, sometimes the immune system does not work as it should, and then the mother’s immune system may attack or reject the embryo with so-called “natural killer” or NK cells. This would make it difficult or impossible for the embryo to implant in the lining of the uterus. It is thought that intralipid is able to change the immune cells in the uterine lining, making the environment in the uterus friendlier towards the embryo. That’s about all I know about how it works, and your consultant will advise you best, so good luck if you do decide to give it a go. Diane


I had a a test to check my nk cells and they were high. Had intralipids and got caught now 12 weeks after 15 years of trying and numerous failed at attempts. Have the test done. Or just go or the intralipids some people do it regardless along with steroid tablets. I swear by the stuff and would recommend it to anyone else. Good luck

Ps it's totally natural it's just soya oil and yolk. You will have no side effects from it. It's the ivig infusion which isn't natural and can cause side affects x

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Thanks for responding. I think I know in my head to go for it. Just the fact of more treatment and blood thinners start to scare me if it effects blood pressure etc with being type 1 diabetic. I'm just terrified of putting yet more substances in my body. I'm sure it will be ok as it is just soya oil and egg yolk.

I checked out the test available and for the money spent on that I could just have the intra infusion anyway so would make sense to just have it anyway rather than do the test.

It's just going with what's best for the embryos. Such a difficult decision of what to do for the best.

Having my thyroid checked on Thursday so another tick box to say I've checked it after how I've been feeling recently could suggest am issue but just for peace of mind really.

Such a difficult decision of what to do next. Me and my hubby are deciding on how many cycles we'd do and treatment plans and payment plans. We decide, sleep on it and then change our minds. It needs to be decision were comfortable with and at ease with but so so difficult. Probaly the most important decision of our lives rests here. x x


Yea your right a lot of people take the infusions anyway instead of having the test jus as a precaution. .. I don't know how you'd be with the steroids prednisolone which they normally prescribe. As for the infusions they are totally natural and can not give any side effects x

Ps it's normally 3 infusions you have along with tablets. On regards to blood thinners I'm sure your consultant knows what they can and can't prescribe for you. Blood thinners do help prevent a lot of miscarriages that why they are offered

Good luck x

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