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Prostap queiry

Hi everyone looking for some insight.

I had my Prostap injection 15 days ago and assumed AF would appear as directed between 7-10 days. Still no sign today and I have my appointment on Monday to get scanned and advised when to start my next injections. I am now worried that my next steps will be delayed.

Has anyone had an experience like this or knows what's happens ??

Thank you in advance.

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My period was late I phoned on the Friday as was ment to be scanned Monday and they said it still might Come and right enough it came that day I was still bleeding but told me to come anyway as womb may be thin enough to start and it was so it may not delay treatment just looking for the womb lining to be thin . Hope this helps X


This helped a lot thank you poppyco.

My period decided to show last night so I was very relieved and your response has helped me with my worries about it being delayed.

Thank you x


No problem happy to help X


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