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BFN again 😥

I really thought it had worked this time. I had a frozen transfer, I had acupuncture, changed my diet, took extra supplements, had 2 blastocysts put back in and did everything by the book.

Anyway, no more NHS so we will now be paying for next time, hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky.

I've heard you can source the drugs yourself and save a bit of money, anyone know where in Northern Ireland you can do this or what companies will post from England?

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So sorry to hear this. It's just soul destroying when you expect to see that second line on the test and nothing appears.

We had to pay for our second cycle because we didn't have any embies to freeze from the first time round. I priced around all the clinics in northern Ireland and found the RFC were much cheaper, plus I had already met most of the staff and knew my way round the centre so felt much more comfortable going with them. I'm not sure if you would save a significant amount of money sourcing your own drugs, but it's worth asking the nurses in the RFC....

Good luck with your next cycle and fingers crossed it'll be third time lucky !! X


Thanks for the info, that's good to know I had presumed that the clinics would be similar in price.

I am comfortable with the RFC also as they are so lovely there but I wonder would the other clinics give more options. Money is a big consideration so I'll have to start doing some research in a few days when I get my head around this.


Sorry to hear this.

I got quotes from various pharmacies but found the clinic were the cheapest plus they dispensed drugs as I needed them.

Good luck for round 3.


Sorry to hear that. I can totally empathise with you because I also had my second failed attempt last month. I did absolutely everything right and it's so frustrating when you realise it's really out of your hands and just down to luck :(

I am going through my third round at the beginning of next year so will keep everything crossed that it will be third time lucky for both of us.

Hugs xx


Aw thanks there are do many if us in the same boat. hopefully 2016 will be our year xxx


Sorry to know that. Hope year 2016 will happy for all. Think on treatment abroad, ivf is cheaper and you can save some money.


Hey I am in Spain and it's a minimum 4000 euro per try, minimum, one pack of gonal is 495 euros!!!



Can you please advise where I might get IVF in Spain. Not sure where to look and have had 3 attempts in UK and exhausted all our money. I would really appreciate it. x



I don't think you would do yourself any favours doing this in Spain.

It would be with a private clinic for starters as you don't pay into the Spanish health system.

Then you would need to stay in Spain minimum 6 months.

Clinic visits, 3 weeks on the pill, 2 weeks injecting, 1 week between extraction. 2 weeks waiting to see if it worked, that is if they can implant right away depending in ohss.

Then follow up scans every 1-2 weeks.

You are under the clinic for the first 3 months if pregnancy.

The costs would be incredible.

I live in Spain so am doing mine through their NHS. Sane as you in the UK.

Also if you don't speak fluent spanish it would add to the stress of it all.

I understand how you feel.

Surrogacy is illegal in Spain. I would go down that path if I had the option and money once my Ivf tries had been exhausted.

It's a really hard situation hon.



Thanks for your reply. I wasn't quite sure how it would differ out there, but one of my friends and said her friend went out to Spain for IVF and was successful.

I appreciate your feedback. I don't speak any Spanish sadly. And I was hoping it would be more of a month-6 weeks of treatment. We have now had 3 rounds of IVF Privately. By the time the NHS reached a decision that we could go ahead, they just said "oops... you're now too old, you've reached 40". I am 41 now and loosing hope fast with a low AMH and obviously depleated funds.

Many thanks for giving me an idea of timescale and what it entails etc. We have stayed at the same clinic because when it failed the first time they said "we know your body now" so we can get things right second time. Second time I ended up with 1 immature egg that didn't even make it to the evening of egg collection. Anyhow. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

Wishing you every success in the world x

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Hello, I'm sorry to hear of your failed attempts. I saw your post and just wanted to add that a few people in this site have mentioned having treatment in the Czech Republic. Apparently, even with flights and accommodation it is cheaper. I've not done it so can't give an opinion but may be worth looking into if you are thinking of going abroad x


Hopeful 1982

Many thanks for your reply. I will definitely look into it. I just thought I'd enquire about Spain as a friend suggested it, but you are right. I need to start thinking of other places too. x


Oh hon you too x


So sorry to hear, stay positive and all the best.


Sorry to hear this. Take care x

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Sorry to hear this Belfast1 at least you've tried everything to improve your chances but as we all know it's not 100% guarantee, it's either it will work or will not work. Good luck in your 3rd cycle X


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