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Well just another short visit to the hospital..once again i was booked for my surgery to repair my tubes and it was cancelled. Didn't sleep all night on Wednesday just thinking about it so woke up early to prepare everything but an hour before my surgery they call me saying that they had to cancel it because they were short of staff I was speechles because how could they just said that one hour before??they keep me waiting and a hour after they call me to reschedule for the nex day and I was happy again because at least i didn't had to wait more weeks for it.

Wake up once again early because had to be there to speak to another doctor so when they said my name I was confident that it was going to be the day..I spoke to the anesthetic doctor,the surgeon came to explain the surgery and my options and finally i was given the gown and my bed so all i had to do was waiting for my doctor to arrive..when i saw him i was relieve but i don't know why i was feeling anxious and seeing the hours passing by i was sure that something was happening , and i was right because finally they came to talk to me to say that they had received 3 emergencys so they add to postpone once again my surgery and it will a waiting of 4 more weeks...i was speechless i could even think about nothing,my hubby had to answer everything because in that second i wasn't hearing nothing...Being told once again that i had to came home was like someone was punching me for no reason..

I really don't know what to do i'm feeling that all my life now is on hold just for this and i don't want it but i can't hepl it...i was getting on without thinking to much about all of this but now i can stop it...

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  • Oh Pinto8, that's awful and it always feels bad when you have been longing/preparing for it to happen. Have you been to see your GP again to see of they can speed up the 4 week wait with It being the 2nd time? Xx

  • Ohh sarahndave my gp at the moment can't do anything because i'm been followed in the fertility clinic in the hospital so it's my doctor who can decide that..this time i was ready to go and I even manage to stop thinking at all about all the surgery ,i start going to gym and focus on my work just to take my mind of it to the end get send hubby I think was more devastated than me he seems to start losing faith and he feels guilt because he has kids from previous relationship and for that i was refused the funding so now we really need this surgery to at least try naturally before going to ivf

  • Oh Pinto8, his must have been incredibly frustrating when you were all set to go! Hopefully the next 4 weeks will fly by and there will be no delays when it comes to your rescheduled date x

  • Hopeful1982 yes it was and i still can believe it, i know that they can not control the emergencies but they should have at least a team prepared for those cases ...i was still in hospital when the secretary of my doctor call me saying that she was really sory and the only that available was on 3 december so now i just have to keep busy for more 3 weeks but my main concerned is that it's going to be the most busy month so if something happens they are going to delay it to nex year and i don't think that i can wait till then

  • I think I would be a bit shocked too. You wait long enough for treatment so delaying it is awful! Good luck for the 3 Dec. Hopefully you will have priority after the previous cancellations! x

  • Thank you I really hope so,like they say third time lucky..

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