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Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has gone down the route of using surrogate eggs. I have been told my egg reserve is under 2, the lowest possible number and we failed to get any eggs from our IVF. I was considering asking someone known to me but have absolutely no idea how to approach the subject. Would really appreciate any advice on both how to begin this process and what the practicalities and pitfalls might be. Also whether anyone has done this abroad or in the UK, all advice greatly appreciated :)

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  • Did they try the highest dose of medication for you? Mine count was only 0.057. They didn't think I would respond but I did. . Good luck on your journey

  • Hi

    They used the highest possible dose but there were no eggs in the 2 follicles they had hoped many rounds did you go?

    Thanks for getting back so quickly

  • I only did one. We had to go private so it only one shot

  • Hey hun

    So sorry you have to go down this route. Have you spoke to your clinic about egg share? I'm currently in the process of this and giving half of my eggs to someone. It's completely anonymous. They take some blood tests for blood types,hereditary diseases from the donor, also you choose your preference of hair, eye colour etc... Then they match you up. They go through the ivf whilst you take meds to prepare your womb and then at collection you get half for yourself. Thought this may be a better option than asking someone you know. Unfortunately though it's still a rollercoaster ride and be prepared for some setbacks as you know ivf is not straightforward. There's been a few setbacks in my situation I had to stop downregging due to the meds giving me cysts, which added a few extra weeks to the process and now mine has been cancelled as they started me off on too low a dose of stimms. I have to start again in a couple of months. It's disappointing for me and my egg recipient but I'm hoping it will all work out for us in the end. Hope this has helped, just wanted to say there are options for you chin up xxx

  • Also hun like nellynel says it can work. I have a high amh and I didn't respond well at all. Have they suggested a higher dose? X

  • Hi

    Thank you so much for the info, it's so good to hear that people like you are so willing to share your eggs. I probably will look into it. Do you know which are the best organisations etc to help with the egg sharing? I found my clinic were good while I was being treated but feel that now they see me as a lost cause and don't really want to help me out now that the process was unsuccessful. They gave me the HFEA website and a two month wait for a counsellor and that's it. It's such a new world to be a part of and no one I know can help out.

    Thanks again for filling me in, it's forums like this that are keeping me sane.


  • I completely understand I've felt so much better after joining this forum. My family I haven't found very supportive, my friends and partner have been great but will never truly understand what I'm going through. That was pretty rubbish of your clinic to just send you to a counsellor and not explaining the options you have. The hfea website is good it has a section on egg sharing so you can get the information you need. I really hope it all works out for you xxx

  • Hello, we used a donor egg from an unknown donor because I have a low egg reserve. The whole process took about 6 months, that was from finding a suitable match, to having counselling, to doing all the injections, to having the egg transfer and I am happy to say I am now 24 weeks pregnant.

    It was one of the hardest decisions we will ever have to make but it was so worth all the stress and worry that we had.

    We used the CARE clinic in Nottingham and I couldn't fault them in anyway, they were absolutely brilliant and very professional but caring as well.

    If you want any other info please ask and good luck with your journey x

  • We went to care in Manchester. Supurb clinic on every level

  • hope you will find answers on all yr questions. If any doubts, ask consultants-it's free: eggdonationfriends (dot)com

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