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Recommendation for IVF consultant clinic for women with Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroidism?

Hi all! Has anyone gone through IVF with Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroidism?

I’m one week into my first round of IVF on the NHS. I’ve been taking my bureselin injections and I’m feeling good. However I had a private blood test done for a full profile of my thyroid function. I may benefit from a slight increase in my Levothyroxine dose, according to the NICE guidelines, and my Anti-Thyroglobulin ABS levels are high (137.6 when should be under 115). Unfortunately I feel the NHS hasn’t been very thorough with my thyroid testing, and they’re reluctant to increase my dose.

I want to make sure my health is optimal for IVF. I’m concerned about my anti-bodies levels being high, and I wonder if this has an effect on implantation.

I’d like to find a private consultant, for a one off consultation as soon as possible. Does anyone know of a particularly good IVF consultant/clinic for people with thyroid issues??

I’d really appreciate some help advice! I live in Edinburgh, but would hope to find a consultant that would be able to talk over the phone, Skype or email.

Thank you!!

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Hello, just a reminder to the community not to post on here with recommendations for clinics/clinicians. Please private message aussieinscotland instead.

aussieinscotland I'm sure it will be beneficial for you to speak to our lovely nurse Diane. She will be available tomorrow between 10am and 4pm on our Support Line no - 0121 323 5025.

Best of luck with everything,



Thank you Hannah! Sorry, I should have said to PM me in my post! I'll be sure to give Diane a call tomorrow.


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