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Follicles ?

Hi All. Just been for my second tracking after being on gonal f for 8 days which was increased to 450 iu from 300iu two days ago. They could only see 4 follicles and said they should be larger than they are. I am to continue with 450 gonal f and have been asked to take Luveris tonight and tomorrow night to see if they improve by friday. I am worried that it wont work and that it will be the end of our first cycle. He did say that some people are slow to begin with and then suddenly things start to happen but didnt seem to convincing.. Sorry but just needed to get it of my chest and am hoping I,m worrying over nothing. 'Life hey' Hope all you lovely ladies are okay XX

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Hey,so sorry to hear this its so frustrating. I myself have come back from my 2nd scan today I had a 10 follicles but they were too small, they said I started off on too low a dose and unfortunately this cycle has been cancelled. I'm absolutely devastated. I just have to wait now til my next proper period and start again it doesn't seem long, but for us going through ivf feels like a lifetime. I really hope your follicles improve, they they may let you go ahead with your egg collection but I'm egg sharing so my response was not good enough to produce enough eggs to share as they are very strict and want between 10-14 follicles. Good luck on Friday xxx

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Hey, wishing you loads of luck. I had my first time cancelled due to hiper stimulation, my levels rocketed to 7000, second cycle I was on the limit, 16 extracted , 15 fertilised, only 2 survived to be implanted day 3 but poor quality only c's, they implanted and failed due to poor quality.

I understand better to under than over produce, also, the more eggs the more painful the extraction and recovery.

The first time us a trial for everything

Good luck with your next try

I am taking maca which is a root and royal jelly, supposed to help.

Fingers crossed


Hi there I hope you've had more growth since the last post! I had my first cycle cancelled due to non-response and my second cycle didn't start of too well either! I was upped and upped and injecting for over a fortnight! 19 follicles eventually but very slow growth!!!! Anyway 5 eggs (cue tears!), 3 fertilised, 1 left by day 3. That little egg is very snug and wiggly now! He is due February!!!! Don't give up as it can all change from one appointment to the next! Good luck xxxxx


How's it going?


Hi . Just got back from clinic and have been told they will have to cancel this cycle due to my body not taken to the drugs. Hardly any follicle's and are very tiny. Feel really upset and angry as never got to E.C ... Also my hormone levels are extremely low, Apparently they should be reaching to about 2000 and mine are 130 ( very confused I am ) . After a good nights sleep I'm sure I'll be okay and will start thinking a bit more positively. We have a appointment next week with the consultant to hopefully plan our next try.. How are you ? Okay I hope? XX


I feel your frustration, it's rubbish having it cancelled. Hopefully they can change your protocol for next time.

I'm finishing my drugs tomorrow and then wait for my period to come and then have to contact the clinic to see if there is enough time before Christmas to have another go. They've prescribed additional medication to aid womb lining development, so they must think it's going to be a problem again.


I also had my first cycle cancelled (see post above) and was so so angry and fed up! I remember just wanting to have had a complete go! I didn't have to wait and started on my next period. Next full cycle worked though So hang in there xxx


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