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Antagonist protocol anyone?

Hi everyone,

I am due to start injecting tomorrow after finally getting a bleed!!! (First bleed in 3 years!).

I'm getting really anxious though as it seems no one else has done the antagonist protocol that I am on. I don't know why I am on this one, maybe due to my severe pcos?

I just wondered if anyone else had done this protocol? I'm so scared it won't work :-( xx

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Hi spongy

No need to be nervous. I had to do the antagonist protocol as I kept getting cysts whilst using the down reg drugs. Hope everything goes well for you x


Thank you for your reply. How did it go for you? Well I hope xx


I had my first scan today didn't go as well as I'd hoped. Only had 6 follicles which is not good enough as I'm egg sharing. They have upped the dosage to see if it improves, I have another scan on Wednesday so I'm praying it works. If not they will cancel my cycle. Bit of a rough day xxx


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