And here we go

We went for our follow up appointment with clinic, NK CELLS...check, thalassima....check, semen...check, thyroid....check.

After general chitchat we jokingly said if we have done all we can we want to start now he said OK.πŸ‘€

Long protocol strat day 21.

We were so shocked as we thought we had a 2 week period to wait for start of period which is what we done in out last 2 failed cycles but he said nope start this evening, talk about shock and daze we don't even know if we are ready but being 41 doesn't leave much room for delaying so here I am sitting with the needles ready to start my 3rd and final round which feels like the first as everything is completely different.

Good luck to all let's hope it's 3rd time BFPπŸ™πŸ½

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  • Wish you good luck :-)

  • Best of luck to you.,, hope it all works out and your blessed

  • I'm really hoping it's 3rd time lucky for you.

  • Lots of luck xx

  • Aw...that's fantastic Tamtam1... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck πŸ˜™ x x

  • Good luck! Hoping this is it for you! X

  • Great news, good luck to you, 3rd time lucky here's hoping πŸ’—πŸ€ Xx

  • 3rd time lucky hun everything is crossed for you πŸ’• xxxxx

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