Left Ovary- No eggs

Hi All, I have just finished the stim process and throughout there was no response from my left ovary, we got 5 good eggs from my right, which i believe is not a fantastic result, originally there was talk with the consultant about a lot more. I have been told this number lowers my odds of fertilisation, and maybe to go another round.

Has anyone else experienced the non response? I am worried there is something wrong with my left ovary. Is this what might be lowering my AMH

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  • I haven't experienced a non response, but was disappointed with the number of eggs that were fertilized from my egg collection, the advice from others was try and stay positive, it only takes one good one!! I hope all goes well for you :-)

  • I don't have much response from my right ovary because I had a large cyst removed from it a few years ago so it doesn't seem to function as well now. My last round of treatment in March I got four good eggs though, three of which fertilised and they implanted two. So, although it didn't work further down the line I just wanted to say don't panic about a small number of eggs.

    I felt the same hearing about how many eggs other people had but as others have said, it only takes one good one!

    I had my egg collection this morning and got six this time so fingers crossed!

    I'll keep everything crossed for you x

  • My right ovary has produced more follicles/eggs. My reflexologist picked it up so when I went for the next scan I checked and she was correct. 5 good eggs sounds good to me, it is quality rather than quantity. My response was very different during both cycles so it may be they can adjust your protocol to produce a better result next time. You might be lucky and get good quality embryos from those 5 eggs.

    Good luck!

  • I don't respond to the meds hardly at all. My worst round, I got only 1 follicle! That was round 6. Ironic that was the round that went to full term. The other rounds I only got 2 follicles, 1 on each side. Round 8 was mental with crazy amounts of drugs and supplements I managed 6/7. 4/5 on one side and 2 on the other. It happens, I don't know why!

  • It's quality rather than quantity hon. I only had 5 eggs but 4 fertilised and 2 made it to blasto. Look after yourself, good luck x

  • Definitely quality over quantity required. My right ovary produced more follicles than my left and they only retrieved 6 eggs. However, 4 fertilised and they all made it to blastocyst although one was a bit slow to progress. I had the best quality embryo transferred and tomorrow I will be 11 weeks pregnant.

    Stay positive and good luck xxx

  • Sooooo encouraging thank you for posting. Blessings on you and your precious baby.

  • Hi there

    I had a total non-response on my first set on injections. Take 2 (53 days later) and I had 15 on my left and 4 on my right! I was very excited! However, we also only got 5 eggs. I was so disappointed. Only 3 fertilised and by day 3 only 1 was good enough to be put back. We went with it but was pretty sure that we would need to go again on higher drugs. Anyways our 1 (not top grade) embryo that was left is now growing very nicely. We are 22 weeks with a little boy. It just goes to show it only takes one! I hope it's fine well for you xxxxxxxx

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