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egg recovery brought forward

hi all, haven't posted in a while but on my 2nd round of IVF now after 1st round failed in July. on day 10 of injections and had a scan today, and was told 8 of my follicles have developed very quickly so we have had to bring forwards the egg recovery date - was supposed to be Monday, but have been told to do my trigger injection tonight and will now go in on Friday for egg recovery. am quite upset about this, as it means we are only have 8 potential eggs - there are another 10 follicles there that won't be ready in time, but my consultant said we can't afford to wait for those ones to catch up otherwise we will lose the 8 that are ready now. also an added stress (tmi warning) is that as we weren't expecting it to be this early my other half hasn't ejaculated in about 10 days, and now he can't as its less than 48 hours to go. I know they say it should be no less than 2 days before a sperm sample but no more than 5 days - is this likely to really affect our chances?

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You've got to trust in the consultant's expertise, s/he is the expert. 8 follicles is still good, it's quality rather than quantity that's important. They don't always know how our bodies are going to respond to the drugs on each cycle. I usually take longer than the estimates.

With regards to the sperm they can always use ICSI if the sample isn't the usual quality/quantity.

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow.


I would say he needs to ejaculate as the spurm will be dead other wise


Hi just thought I would see how it went since im reading this late?


hi stilltrying1, well we got 6 eggs in the end this morning, so not a huge number but fingers crossed for good quality. will hear tomorrow morning from the clinic about fertilisation...

thanks for the advice/reassurance pm27 and Bodysarah :)


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