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Choosing an NHS hospital for ICSI

After our second consultation we've been told we can proceed with ICSI but we need to choose which hospital to have the treatment. We've been through all the figures on the HFEA website and made a huge spreadsheet comparing about 15 hospitals (NHS that do ICSI) in the north of England or southern Scotland. Does anyone have any advice on good/bad hospitals they've used for ICSI? We're looking at the north as it's where we live and need to think practically in terms of trips back and forth for treatment. I don't really understand what is meant by success from fresh egg embryo and frozen egg embryo. .. does this mean from the first egg used (fresh) and the other frozen ones from the same "cycle"? I have PCOS, no periods etc and hub has low sperm count. I'm 31 if that info makes a difference. Please help! Really confused :-s

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Fresh is the first lot used, the others are any left over that are frozen. They will induce a period before they can start. I can't recommend a clinic as we aren't near you, but hopefully a few ladies can pm you about their experiences. I can say that you need to physically see the facilities before you decide. You need to feel comfortable in the environment.


Thanks for the advice. I thought this was the case but everything got so overwhelming! I've had one induced period and another is imminent (via provera). Please can anyone tell me what experiences they've had in North England/mid-south Scotland hospitals for ICSI and IVF? XX


Hi Kat9lives I've just been reading your story and it sounds exactly like ours. I have PCOS with no periods and my husband has low sperm count and I'm also 31! We have our appointment next week to discuss our first cycle and I'm thinking they will recommend ICSI. Good luck with your journey 😊 and hope you find some guidance on what hospital to use x x


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