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Disheartened and down

Just got AF last night 16DPO after my first cycle of 50mg Clomid. I knew I wasn`t pregnant even though i didn't`t test, sometimes you "just know". So feeling sorry for myself , I don't really have anyone to talk to, the odds are not stacked in my favour at 45 and there are always the people who take the moral high ground on "old Mothers" .I`m not expecting cycles 2&3 to work either. I have been turned down for Natural Cycle IVF by one clinic on the basis that my FSH 15, then 17.9 was too high, they advertise that it`s better for older Women, poor responders and high FSH!! I could just about afford one round of IVF so I need it to be the best chance, maybe using a donor egg. Can anyone recommend a clinic reasonably priced around the East Midlands preferably?

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Hi we used a donor egg, and it worked first cycle, I am now 17+ 5 pregnant. I would definitely recommend the clinic they were all very professional and caring through the the whole process. Good luck with your journey


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Many thanks


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