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Exeter or Plymouth?

Hello All,

Following our initial appointment with the fertility nurse we are being referred for IVF. We have to choose between the fertility clinics at the RD&E hospital in Exeter or Derriford in Plymouth. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience of either of these clinics and, if so, what you experiences are/were. We've researched both data-wise, but it seems the more information we get, the more confusing it becomes!

Many thanks for any help anyone can give.

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We are afraid that we have had to delete posts from this thread as they contain comments about an individual clinic and a clinician. As our posting guidelines state, a request for feedback via the private messaging system is acceptable, but we ask that comments are not posted on the community.

Please do take the time to read posting guidelines, they are there to ensure a safe community for all


Many thanks


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