Insemination booked for Friday!!

After 2 weeks of scans which wears me out as it's a 4 hour round trip, today my insemination was confirmed for Friday. To begin with I thought I would be going on my own but my mum said that she wanted to come with me, even though she can't walk very well due to having to have a new knee cap!

I am feeling a bit scared and when they said 'We will take you down to theatre', gulp, that sounds even more scary! It sounds to me as if the procedure will be like the HyCoSy test, which I must say I was as nervous as anything for that! I really wish I had a partner to hold my hand but it is as it is I guess and I've got to face it on my own, even though I don't like the situation.

Trigger shot tonight! What can and can't you do afterwards? Any advice? I've got a 50% chance of having a miscarriage anyway (as I'm one of the slightly older ones) - so I'm going to be frightened to even walk! Saying that, I will have to get 2 buses and drive back on Friday anyway.

My emotions are up and down but I guess that's all part of this journey x

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  • Good luck Distinction72! I hope it all goes well on Friday. I worked during my 2ww but I had very lazy evenings so my advice would be to buy a few box sets to keep your mind occupied! x

  • Sounds like a good idea! Thank you!

    I haven't got a job as I can't fit temping in with my treatment so I have a lot of time to think, which isn't always good! x

  • It's no worse than a Pap smear. The put in a tiny catheter and shoot the swimmers up there!

  • Haha!! Thank you! x

  • Good Luck, keep positive this could be your fairytale ending xxx

  • Thank you so much x

  • I'm sure you'll be fine. I was worried that things would fall out even though I knew logically that they wouldn't or the human race would die off!

    I found this article helped me understand how amazing the uterus is:

    I know your having insemination but the process will be similar 😊

    My advice would be keep positive and resist the urge to Google every symptom as this may drive you mad.xx

  • Thanks JoJo - yes the internet does have a tendency to drive us mad!!

    The link that you sent was really interesting, thanks again xx

  • Good luck Distinction72, I know its hard (similar journey but a couple weeks behind you in treatment), I seem to swing between being scared and being excited for what might be! so stay strong and positive & may all of your dreams come true! xxx

  • Thank you, I was quite nervous today but all went well. Just got to wait for the outcome now!! Now I've had it done, I feel a bit calmer, although I feel a bit different since coming home as I have a few light tummy cramps x

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