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Medication cost

Hello, iv had to join back onto my old account as I'm a bit ditzy and forgot my new one! Ha.. Anyway I have my first consultation on Wednesday to discuss my blood results (I'm on the nhs). I just wondered if it came down to it would I need to pay for my injections and if so how much is it normally. It's playing on my mind and I'm worried seen as my car has just gone on me and we have just moved into our own house :/ (they say it comes in threes eh?.).

Thanks in advance



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Hi Little_miss-93. Most NHS authorities do not charge anything for NHS funded IVF. However, some do charge the normal NHS charges for each prescription item. Hope this helps and huge luck! Diane


Thank you Diane, it does help thanks again :)

Leanne xx


Hi, hope all goes well with your consultation. My clinic delivered the vast majority of my drugs to my house and they were all free. I did need a couple of extra days of injections though which the hospital gave me while I was there for my scan. I was charged for those but the cost was only about £16. Good luck!


Hello. Oh awesome thank you, that's really helped because I wanted the money for acupuncture instead ha, heard it helps so figured it's worth a shot, thank you for replying,

Leanne xxxx


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