2ww spotting

Hiya guys I wonder if anyone out there can help me I'm in despair. I'm currently on my 2 ww from having 2x 5 day blastocyst put back in but the last 2 days been spotting with cramps have a few symptoms but not sure if this is down to the progesterone I am on. I have got another 5 days til I do the dreaded test now I just fell so low. I had a ectopic few months ago from Iui, this is our first attempt at Ivf! Anyone else in same situation. I feel as if all hope has gone. Xx

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  • Hi, please dont give up hope! The bleeding could be scarring from the EC and ET procedures or just from the build up of hormones from the IVF drugs!! I know how scary it is to spot, but it doesnt automatically mean your treatment has failed. Try to relax and do something nice to distract yourself. The 2ww is hell and its hard not to panic and think the worst at times. Please stay positive! Good luck for your OTD xx

  • Thank you lou79 for your reply. I have taken time off work thinking it would be beneficial, but time just dragging then the time is spent symptom spotting, I suppose time will tell. xx

  • I spotted right through with cramps worried myself sick but now I'm am 15 weeks pregnant with twins, so never give up hope, stay positive and fingers crossed for a positive result xx

  • Thank you for your reply trying to be positive just so hard. Can I ask you bunnikins28 did you have terrible headaches in the 2ww? I don't usually suffer with them but I am having them everyday xx

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