Having a down week πŸ˜”

Hi lovely ladies/guys ino am meant to relax but really don't no how am meant to with my periods being late.I phoned the hospital there and they said am in day 34 so my period should have been πŸ˜” and meant to have started my treatment on the 14th but couldn't get my injection so waiting and waiting for my period to start worrying as going to be September come Monday and I was meant to be getting my transfer on the 14th September now probably won't even have started my tablets by then was really trying to relax and be positive this time since its only yo be 3rd try now I've got a wee voice back of my head saying buy a pregnancy test even tho ino wot it will say as I've got blocked tubes sorry just needed someone to talk to as find it hard talking to family and friends at times as they always just say aww it will happen wot will be will be while few have just had kids or expecting as much as I love them all they don't understand how hard this waiting game is xxxxx

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  • Hi Lynsey86,

    Stress can do weird things to our bodies, it's typical when you want your period to come it doesn't or play tricks on you by coming late. I too find all the waiting very frustrating and then the treatment starts quickly.

    Hang in there.

  • I am over the moon they came earlier so going in tomorrow morning to get my injection so 3rd time lucky πŸ€ have you started or waiting on treatment hun and thank you things we ger put through its all stressful xxxxxx

  • We're starting our third round of ICSI and I start injections next Saturday. We're really hoping it'll be third time lucky too.

    Good luck.

  • Awww that's great hun hope everything goes to plan on Sat ☺ hopefully we will have our wee miracle babies very soon good luck πŸ€ to you too and sending some baby dust xxxxx

  • Hi Lynsey86,

    The same thing happened to me the first month we were meant to start and so ended up starting late! Then we were due to start a natural FET this month and it did it again 😑 and because the nurse at our clinic is going away we have to wait until next month. I know after all this time it's only another month but I had geared myself up for it.

    So pleased that you are able to start after all, wishing you lots of luck πŸ€ x

  • Aww it's horrible isn't it hun get all prepared to start the next part of ur journey then it's 1 step forward 10 back ino it's only 4 month etc but when ever this happens it feels forever doesn't it that is so bad hun why can only the one doctor see you so u have to wait another month when there away not a care in the world πŸ˜” xxxxxx

  • I honestly don't know, can't believe only one nurse does everything in the whole clinic but hey ho. I need to try and just forget about it all until next month. We all know it's not good to stress (easier said than done.) hope you are feeling okay and all is on track for you xxx

  • Thats so bad tho yeah guess that's wots happening so nothing u can do but defo sucks oh God don't no how any of us are meant to relax at all well after injection on Sat am a bit sore but new could be xxxxx

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