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MAR/ Antibodies

Hi, I have had a vasectomy reversal and producing 98% of sperm antibodies, with a count of 25 million sperm. My partner is very sad, depressed and overcome with heartbreak. She is fertile, I'm not sure what my results mean. We are waiting to see clinical consultants about my result (she's having her tests soon) but she had pinned all her hopes on my sperm analysis retest coming down which it hasn't. We are very private people and can't talk to our family about it. Reading up on forums it looks like ICSI might be the way forward. I know its before talks with consultants and specialists but she is so sad I am struggling to keep strong and maintain her optimism. She had pinned all her hopes on this one stupid semen analysis. At the end of the day its her body that will go through the IVF and not me. I need advise please. Good luck to everyone in their endeavours.



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Hello. Thought I would try and help reassure you both. You can show your partner my response. It's not the the end of the world about your sperm test result. My partner had similar results, he even had abnormal ones thrown in just to really cause concern. They will most likely do Icsi treatment as you have Said. All that means is that they actually put your sperm into the egg rather than letting it try to to do it. Hope that makes sense. Giving you more chance of fertilisation. Also don't panic until you have seen the consultants. We found it sounded much worse when we were dealing with our gp who could only guess the outcome. Consultants will be specialists In that field.

Go do something nice as a couple to relax. Something you both love to do. But don't talk about anything to do with this. Well try not to. We all need distraction. Wishing you lots of luck. Take care :)


Hi. My husband also has has similar results. We have just started our first round of ICSI. My friends husband also had poor sperm results and they have healthy twins through icsi on their first attempt. Tell your partner not to be too disheartened as there is hope and good results from lots of people on here with the same and worse results/issues than you. Maybe it might be good for you both to have some counselling and talk things through. Just try to take each step, each hurdle as it comes and always talk to each other. I have been having reflexology and doing yoga which i find really helps me to relax and stops me thinking about it all the time. xxxxxxx Good luck to you both xxxxxx


Hi Dijon My husband and I didnt have sperm issues but I just wanted to pass on info some further information, as you seem very supportive and worried about her. You say she is fertile and that your sperm are the problem and you are worried about her doing IVF - there are many options with IVF/ICSI and quite popular at the moment is natural and mild IVF/ICSI, which simply means that with natural, no drugs are involved or mild much less drugs are involved. The result is that usually only one or a couple of egg/s are produced by the ovaries - and it only needs one egg and one sperm! There are still blood tests and scans but it is cheaper and as I said, less drugs for the woman to take. Both natural and mild are a good choice where there is male factor, so if her tests are all OK, you may wish to consider these options. With sperm antibodies, ICSI can be a good option. As the other replies have said, do nice things together, try not to let it take over your life (easier said than done!!), both of you consider yoga, mindfulness and counselling is beneficial when going through something as intense and all consuming as fertility treatment. Wishing you lots of luck & carry on being the lovely supporting person you are. :-)


Hi! In april this year my husband had an operation, an attempt to find any sperm inside the testicles. We kind of knew inside our hearts that something it is wrong but we only needeed the confirmation. We hoped though to find something as little to work for our ivf cicle. We weren't lucky...I think all it matters it is to be together in all this process and to suport each other no matter how hard it is. We choose a donor and we are hoping it is going to work. I am wishing you good luck! xx


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