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Hello ladies I want to ask if any of u had IUI treatment ? My hormon level is good I got plenty eggs and I'm ovulating every month ....just down side is that I got only one Fallopian tube .😔 In March I had BFN after IVF cycle 😔 now we find out that my hubby got 2% abnormal sperm ... I'm 35 years old my hubby 39 this year ... Is any of u ladies went thru IUI treatment ? Thank u

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I've now been through two IUI treatments, neither of which worked. I was told there is a 10% chance of this working so I knew the odds were slim from the start. :-(

I responded really well to the first one, despite the result. The whole cycle was over in 10 days. The second one was completely different and I responded really poorly to the drugs and I was on the drugs for 55 days in all just to get one mature follicle!

I've now been told that it's not worth trying this again due to my poor response and the next step for us is IVF.

I have endo but good egg reserve and ovulate each month. My hubby also has low morphology but we were told as his overall count is good this shouldn't be a problem.

Bit of a mystery why I have responded so differently each time. I hope you have better luck. Your situation is similar to mine and IUI was recommended for us, but I do think they just offer it at first as it's a hell of a lot cheaper than IVF.

Good luck with your IUI. If you have any questions give me a shout xx


Hi Vickal thank u for replay . Well when we I had my cycle in March I was on dose injection of 150 which is I think the standard one . From that they collect 11 eggs 5 fertiliser and I had on day 5 put back embryo and blastocyst . Doctor told me that my body respond really well . But this cycle we only had one funding on NHS now we will need to pay 😔and is a lots of money special that they say if we do is not need to worry about because this time will happen . They will increase dose to 220 they will use endo scratch embryo glue and they will put two in . I know and I'm believe it will happen but my hubby want to wait couple months ...he say that is not about the money ....well I know will be better to get preagnant naturally but it gonna take long time plus we not getting younger 😔 ... I feel bit relieve that finally after all that time I make him to have conversation with me what we doing next ...but what I see that his issue is the money 😔😔😔


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