New clinic & new start

Hi all,

I've come back from my holiday refreshed and with a very positive attitude. Went to Brighton and my DH spoiled me rotten with lovely meals and luxury hotel. It was my 40th Birthday and also our anniversary.

We went for our 1st consultation at the private clinic we have chosen. Our first cycle last month did not work but we did happily get 3 frozen embryos at blastocyst stage. After some stats research and after being told they didn't have a follow up app until the end of Sept we decided to leave the NHS clinic and to go private for our frozen transfer. I feel this is the best I can do for our next ET to succeed.

We are arranging to transfer the stored embryos and get our consents app in two weeks time. Sounds likely I will get to have my ET by the end of Sept, so not long to wait.

It's good how much you learn from one cycle and what to adjust or do better this time.

Best wishes, xxx

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  • Hi Smallcat,

    So happy you had a wonderful birthday and are feeling positive for the future. It sounds like you've made a great decision. Very best wishes for your continued journey and I really do hope it works out with your FET.

    Anjel xxx

  • Hi smallcat. So pleased that you are now back refreshed, and keen to go ahead using a frozen embryo. Good to read that you have blastocysts frozen, so that’s even better, and as you say, the clinic does learn much about you when you are going through a cycle of treatment, so hopefully next time you can be “fine-tuned” a little better for your FET. Lots and lots of luck for September. Diane

  • Best of luck to you xxx

  • How exciting!!! Good luck xxx

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