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hi everyone.

I'm so confused and anxious about which decision to make between IUI and IVF.

3 years of trying and we've had both suggested as options for our unexplained infertility.

We need to go private so cost is a big implication, plus obviously IUI has 1 less "procedure" to endure (I'm very scared of the whole sedation thing as I couldn't cope with the initial dye test and had to be put under general for a laparoscopy to check tubes etc)

I cant put a price tag on a baby though, so IVF seems the better option for higher success rate, being able to freeze embryos for any future cycles, I just cant decide what to do!

Has anyone any advice/experience, positive or negative, with IUI?

Our first appointment with the clinic is October to discuss our decision but I think I'll end up over "googling" it and convince myself I've made the wrong decision several times by then!

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Hello Amanda85

It sounds like you have a difficult decision to make!

We have unexplained infertility and were treated on the NHS. We weren't offered IUI so went straight to IVF. I found the IVF process itself to be absolutely fine. I had never been sedated before but I had no problems (I just drifted off).

Both IVF and IUI have a heavy emotional toll so I would personally want to take my chances with the treatment that offers the best chance of success.

It might be worth speaking to a counsellor about your sedation fears. Often they can teach techniques to help you cope with fears and anxieties.

Good luck in making your decision! Either way I wish you every success x


IUI is kinda like having the smear test. I had to take Chlomid, which made my vision go like disco lights for 3 days, so I was unable to work. I thought for a while my hubby was playing a joke on me and turning the lights on and off again, but he wasn't. My vision was funny for a few months after. IUI Didn't work for us, but they say it can take a lot of goes. As we only have a finite amount of saved sperm, we chose the IVF route.


Ok, I had successful IUI for unexplained infertility after 3.5 years if unsuccessful trying. It did start as IVF but I didn't respond well so it was converted so as not to abandon the cycle. On the IN facebook page there is a link to a news story about a piece of research that has been done that says for unexplained infertility often IUI can be really successful. It is way less expensive so at the time I just wanted the statistically most successful option asap, and to have the baby of our dreams. In hindsight, of I was to do it again, I would give IUI 1 shot before I noved on to IVF.

Just my opinion but hope it helps.xx


We had 2 rounds of iui both with negative outcomes, then we tried IVF a positive first time round.


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