Can straining effect embryos implanting?

Hi everyone,

I had my embryo transfer today on our second round of IVF.

This time we got 5 eggs again and they used ICSI which they didn't do last time, so we got 3 very good quality embryos. We had 2 at 11 cells and 1 at 8 cells. They transferred two embryos today.

I am also on Professor Quenbys treatment plan for high uterine Natural Killer as my count came back at over 25% (normal count is 5% or less) So this time I am also on 20 mg Prednisolone and Clexane injections from week 6 (fingers X we make it that far).

My question now is if constipation and the straining when trying to go to the toilet does effect implantation?

I am very constipated (sorry if TMI) and tried to use the toilet earlier. I tried not to strain too much as I am worried about the little 3 day old embryos. But I was trying for a few mins and nothing happened, so because I am worried I just hope that I will be able to go without straining at some point.

I am drinking lots of water and also some Peppermint tea during the day, I also eat vegetables and fruit. Told DP to buy me some apple juice and dried apricots in the hope that they might help.

Just so worried that me straining will badly effect the little ones implanting :-(

Does anyone know? Thanks xx

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  • So sorry for your stress about constipation and embryos. I can understand because the same has been my thoughts in last cycle or you say whenever I go for FET. Well, I can't suggest anything because right now I am also thinking of upcoming advice on your post. I forgot to talk about this issue on my scan day as nurses told me to bring my questions if I had any. But I did discuss with my GP earlier and she advised me to use lexido bit she also told me to tell IVF ward when I start cycle again. Well now I have started cycle but as I forgot asking at my scanning appointment so I am not using anything for this matter till further advice.

    Hope Diane or other members of this forum could help us in this matter.

    Sending you lots of baby dusts. Xx

  • Thank you hopeforICSI :-)

    It is a worry isn't it? It would be great to have an experts opinion on things like this as there are mixed messages/answers online :-( some say those embryos are safe in there and others say avoid heavy lifting, stretching and straining. Hoping someone can advice even just from there own experience :-) Best of luck to both of us xx

  • I caught a terrible cold/tonsillitis after my transfer, I was sneezing constantly and was convinced that I had sneezed the blastocysts out, however both implanted and I am now pregnant with twins so it didn't effect me. Good luck xxx

  • That's amazing Kernship :-) congratulations on being pregnant with twins :-D thank you for your reply. Did you have day 3 or day 5 embryos put back?xxx

  • They were 5 day, not perfect quality, but good quality. I was amazed at our result. I was on Clexane too. Got everything crossed for you. Xx

  • Ines2885

    Sorry I don't have any word of wisdom for you about whether the straining will effect. But.... As for constipation, definitely try apricots.... Fresh if possible. Also check out a few gentle yoga moves they might help.... Take a look at some of the moves here

  • Ladies..... PRUNE JUICE!!!!!!

  • Good luck to you kernishp and thanks to all for their views. I noticed a funny thing that when I drink any milkshakes from M&S it made me go to loo xx I don't know should I try that as a future tip? Xx funny but it's a point xx

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