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So after being told I couldn't concive having ivf then being told there's a chance having an ectopic then being told I can't again I feel like my head is spinning!!! Went private and seen a consultant talked over everything that I've been thru and he is concerned abt the amount of eggs I had collected on first ivf I only had two both were good enough and put back in had a miscarriage!! He thinks that at the age of 25 which is what I was when I had treatment I should have had a lot more than this especially since the drugs r ment to make you produce more! So we had and AMH test done now just waiting in results if it's less than 5% we would need to be doing ivf straight away if it's 7or more we would have a bit of time to wait really hoping it's over 7 because we just arnt in the position to pay for treatment just yet my head is just in a spin with everything feel like I'm being played with you can you can't you can you can't sorry for the rant!!

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  • Oh it must be very upsetting for you. Hunni lets pray for the good results now for your AMH. xx fingers are crossed for you.xx

  • Aww I just feel so deflated I have one tube left but it's damaged which means a big chance that if I wer to fall preg it would be another ectopic I just hope that this amh test is positive results xx

  • Hi sam84. So sorry to hear that you are having quite a run-around with your treatment. I’m looking at this with my medical hat on, and wondered whether your consultant was going to treat your Fallopian tube before progressing with further IVF? Especially as he/she thinks you are at high risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. Regarding your low egg collection result, if your AMH comes back low, then your consultant may want to try a different protocol on you so as not to switch your ovaries off too much during down regulation. If you would like, I have a list of questions you might like to look through before going back for a consultation, just in case there are one or two that you hadn’t thought of asking. If you email me at – in confidence, I will send them to you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane I dint think they have any plans to do anything with the other fallopian tube there a a small very small chance that a miracle could happen and I could fall preg naturally but it's a very very small chance I had the hsg test done in Jan and the dye went through but it was slow and it clumps at the end. I get my results on 3rd of Aug so we will know more then. I wonder would you know the consultant seems to think there is a chance I may be in titled to another free treatment because I'm in a diff relationship I had one with my ex hus now after more surgery and more problems and in a new relationship he thinks there is a chance would you know if this would be poss I'm in NI x

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