Tubes clipped???

Hi everyone, im just wondering if anyone on here who has already had their tubes clipped in the past has had any really bad side affects! Ive just been advised not to do it because of the problems it causes...ive looked it up myself as i realised i really never looked into it before and only seem to be seeing bad feed backs! I know everyone is different but i just feel like i need to see other peoples experiences

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  • I'd also be interested in hearing other people's views on this as I have been advised to have this done. Both my tubes are blocked and swollen so before I can continue with my IVF treatment I need both either clipped or removed.

    Slightly worried and nervous about it all

    Bob x

  • Hi my surgery was booked for 12 this afternoon, it was my mother that came to see me last night while i was packing my bag for hospital and preparing myself that said, dont do it! She says she has had heavy and unpredictable periods with clots, constant back pain and depression....her 3 older sisters also have had it done and have most if not all the same symptoms as her 1 resulted in having to have a full periods have always been regular, no pain or clots and id hate to think just trying to solve 1 problem would result in me have so many more problems... From what ive read some people bleed twice heavily in one month and the other days are spotting and brown discharge, something else ive never had a problem with. Others have had to have ovaries removed because cysts developed, the list of side effects just seemed to go on an on considering i thought there was none. As it stands for me i do have blocked tubes that were quite swollen previously but at my last appointment no swelling was present so my consultant told me at the moment surgery would not be needed but i insisted incase it came bk at a later date. My plan now is just to start treatment without the surgery an hope the swelling has not returned...i will only re-think having the surgery as a last resort now. I did see whilst looking at other peoples experiences there was around 2/10 saying they had no side effects so there is still a chance you could be a lucky 1, but for me the odds were not convincing enough! Everybody has said the doctors never told them of the side effects (i wasnt) i just presumed there was none or nothing worth still confused as to how your tubes being altered can affect your menstral flow

    and mood, were you told of any side effects? or just made to believe like me its just a simple standard procedure needed for women like us with blocked tubes....for me i jus thought the sooner they do it the better so i could start my treatment, never once thought to question it and i love a good bit of homework

  • No I wasn't told of any side effects just that along with another reason this is why my previous 3 attempts at IVF hadn't worked. I'm at the stage now that I'd do anything to have a baby.

    Whilst my periods are regular, they are very painful, I get a constant pain in my left side that just won't go away, tablets only stop it from being sharp instead of dull. They are heavy and last for at least 6 days, I get clots and old blood. So I'm already getting a lot of the symptoms.

    I will bring this up with my consultant on tuesday though.

    Before I was worried about having another op and feeling sad because it will definitely mean I'll never fall pregnant naturally, now I'm worried about what might happen after - I obviously just assumed I'd be ok and eventually pregnant...

    At least now I can go Tuesday and ask my consultant more questions

    Bob x

  • Yes id say to ask questions because it dosnt seem you will be given any information unless you ask an so many people have regrets.... Dont get me wrong if or when i get to your stage ill be concidering it again but for now i just feel its a little to early as i havent had any IVF cycles yet! Most women that have complained aswel are women that have had several children and were using it to stop them becoming pregnant again...i suppose when like us you would do anything to have a child the side effects dnt compare and we would probrably have a little more tolerance, i hope if you do go ahead with the procedure you are fortunate enough not to experience any problems x All the best x

  • Hi I had both of my tubes clipped about 4 years ago due to them being diseased and I also had an ectopic. My periods are regular, I do get period pains which last a day or so and my periods do start off heavy but apart from that no other effects. I was advised to have this done prior to ivf due to better implantion. Hope this helps xx

  • Hi, thanks for giving info on your experience sounds like you were 1 of the lucky ones! To be honest im not shocked to hear stories of hardly any side effects, there has got to be some... its just shocking to me the amount of people that do have terrible side effects but nothing is said to you when you agree to having it done, my main reason for wanting it done was to increase chances of impantation but seems ive just realised there are some effects that im not comfortable with adding to my plate of problems at this moment in time i think its best i have a good long think about it! I almost continued with the surgery just because it was all booked and my bags were packed then i realised im not happy with my findings so until i need it im not having it done... Have you gone on to having IVF since having it done?

  • No they don't tell you the side effects, I was offered an op to repair tubes but there was no guarantee that it would work.

    I've just done 2 rounds of ivf on the nhs in the space of 3 months and unfortunately it hasn't worked, I also have a low amh, so low egg amount. We have another app in September, I'm not quite ready to give up yet xxx

  • Thank you hope_faith. It's definitely given me something to think about which is always a good thing. It doesn't seem right that they don't tell you the other side of things but now I know I can bring it up.

    Katybr - it's nice to hear a positive story.

    Everyone's different and I guess you've just got to weight it all up and think about why you are having it done.

    It's still not decided if I'm having them clipped or removed yet.

    Bob x

  • Hiya,

    I'd ask as many questions if possible. I was told they wouldn't even start my IVF treatment unless I had my tubes removed, the believed I had hydrosalpinx, but was never confirmed until after the op!.i also had cysts and they said they could combine the ops to remove everything at one laparoscopy.i didn't ask any questions as I thought I didn't have an option as IVF/icsi was our only option. i had to wait about 6 months for the op in which time my cysts were growing and I was in a lot of pain.3 days before Christmas I had my op, just before I went under they asked would I like them to repair my tubes if they could. I had complications and it turned out my tubes were so badly damaged and full of fluid,they were also stuck to my bowels kidney and other places.they couldn't remove them so decided the only option was to clip them. They also removed my cysts and a lot of scar tissue from lots of previous bouts of pelvic inflammatory disease. They told me I'd need 2 weeks to recover. After 2 weeks I wasn't getting better, after 4 I could shuffle but not walk properly and wasn't able to carry anything.i developed an infection which was treated and told it may take up to 6 weeks to feel better,I'm not sure what the pain was from exactly I just know I've never been in pain like if.I spent most of the next 3 months in and out the Gyne ward in agony,eventually they gave me some strongain killers and in March they decided to scan me.....well my cysts were back on my left ovary bigger than before and what they now describe as a "7+cm mass" on my right side. It's not a cyst but they do know its something to do with my tube.all this time I've still been unable to start IVF. they pain nearly 8 months on is constantly there on the right side,some days it doesn't really bother me any more. Others I'm curled up! Long story short they have decided they have to remove the tubes and my left ovary,however being 40 in sep I won't get the op in time to have free NHS they have decided to start IVF with the hope to try and drain the tubes vaginally with a needle just before I start stims.

    No I know from research that hydrosalpinx is not good when it comes to IVF. And as much as I've been in pain be it cysts or tubes I'm still glad I've done it. As now no poisonous fluid can leak out etc. the way I see it I can handle the pain if it means I can start, and it's safe. Pray that we get pregnant if not I can then opt for them to remove the tubes and cysts should we not get pregnant and after draining they return.

    I think it's important you know all the facts on what potentially could happen if you started treatment without having it done,like I said in my case they wouldn't allow me to start without clipping or removing the tubes. I wished I asked more on one hand, but I saw it really as what's the point as I don't have an option.

    Ultimately you have to do what you feel is best, to get you into the best possible health for the best possible outcome for your IVF.

  • Hi sounds like there are so much complications that each individual person could have, my consultant keeps repeating himself by saying we come to them for help to concieve but at the same time we get to find out so much more about our bodies than anyone getting pregnant naturally...i believe all these problems lie in most womens bodys and that its only because we have the opportunity to look into it that we find all these issues! Sounds like you havent had a great time with your findings and treatment and i only hope you do get a positive end result after all of it. My consultant told me i wouldnt need the procedure now but i already had it in my head i did because when i last had a lap 2 years ago to investigate they said i would need them doing, then suddenly they changed their minds because the scans had as it stands they wanted me to start as soon as i were ready but i insisted on having it done because i have to pay and didnt want it to affect my chances! Only because of my findings with the side effects ive dicided i will follow the doctors orders and not have it done just yet x

  • I totally agree, I always knew I had cysts as I'd had them at 15 and the consultant told my mum I'd probably suffer all my adult life!!! and only found out again after having to have a scan when I was in a car accident and persuaded my doctor to refer us. I had no choice as they weren't prepared to do my IVF on the NHS otherwise. But had I of had the choice I may have gone down the same route as you. Thing is it's such a individual decision and I think everyone's outcome varies.i also known of women who have had tubes out that have been fine,so again I think it's down to your body and how it responds. As one tube has responded to them clipping it and isn't an issue anymore,where is the other one is!

    Personally I think if you feel you are doing the right thing for you,then that's what you need to do.and if they are happy to start then I'd listen to them.

    I wish you good luck

  • Thank you lisa-jane, my gut instinct is to not have it done, hopefully it will prove me right in the long run...apparently my tubes arent completely blocked but 1 is worse than the other, just hope i can some how keep the fluid build up on the lower side x

  • Hi, I too was told I had a hydrosalpinx and they couldn't see my other tube. I was asked if I would like by tubes clipped or removed. I was in so much emotional shock that I never thought to ask questions. I just thought the professionals would have my best interest at heart and any surgery was a step closer to being aloud IVF. I went ahead with surgery to remove cysts and it turned out they removed both tubes. We had a round of ICSI which failed and now I've been told I'm too old and my eggs are no good. I feel completely useless and so wished I would have had them clipped possibly - with a view to having the clips removed or considering alternative medicine like TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine. They TCM could 'unblock' my tubes. When I heard this I just cried my eyes out. I'm not sure there's anything in it, or whether it's possible etc, I wish I'd just tried one more angle before rushing into it. I thought IVF was my 'sure thing' and yet we still got nothing. I just feel like now we're constantly waiting and I'm not in control of anything. Despite having no tubes I still continue to experience a lot of pain, and one of my ovaries has 'moved' from having a recent proceedure. I suspect the tubes would have held it where it should have been ? but that's just me. Now down to 1 ovary and although trying to stay positive I can see my dreams and my future drifting away. Please consider things very carefully. Take medical advice from all angles and not just one person you are with. I can't begin to advise, but if I could wind back the clock I would have done. I'm sorry I can't offer you anything more positive. Please just be super sure with your decision. Wishing you all the best and a positive outcome in the future. x

  • Hi music1, im deeply sorry to hear of your experience i can only begin to imagine how upset you truely are to have gotten to the stage you are.... you are right i also never gave it a 2nd thought as i just felt the professionals would have my best interests at heart, at the moment im obsessed with trying to educate myself about everything involved in assisted conception so i have no surprises when my time comes...for some strange reason i never once looked into what would happen if i had my tubes clipped the thought never bothered me and neither did recovering....the only slight concern i had was possibly ending up having to have my tubes removed or any of my ovaries! My op was booked just over a month ago and not until the night before did i think to look at possible side affects! Im more than happy i did now, at least now i know i have that option if needed later down the line rather than at the begining before ive even tried anything else, i really hope you still manage to achieve your dream and thanks for your reply x dnt give up x

  • Hi! Hope Faith, I don't know if my experience with help you but I had to have my right tube remove before I attempt IVF, because it was blocked badly. To be honest before I had the opt I use to have a lot of cramps and blood clots during my period however I still do but not anything as bad as I use to. I have less pain now and sometimes I don't even know when it coming because I don't feeling anything. However I had two fail ivf cycles in the last 5 months, hope to have a third in a few months, finger cross.

  • Hi hop36, im sorry to hear about your unfortunate failed cycles... 3rd time lucky hopefully fingers crossed. I have heard a few cases where women dnt feel anything compared to before, i dnt suffer with pains during my period but im sure to feel the odd cramp or 2 the day b4 it comes. Im not ruleing the procedure out completely.....only if my tubes become a problem at a later date ill re-think my choice to not have them done, thanks for the reply and sharing your experience xx

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