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A week today till my operation to remove my tubes and do further investigations to check everything else 100% .

Feeling very nervous as just don't like the thought of going for op as I'm sure many don't.

Once all healed (3 months) will be referred back to start the scary ride of IVF

This year seems to be coming at us so fast but also want the journey started as waiting is so frustrating

Wish you all loads of baby dust x

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Hi im currently in a simular position, my surgery is this friday and fast approaching, im now feeling nervous about having the op to have my tubes clipped and to deal with any other obstructions that may be present, this is my 2nd op but the last 1 was just for investigations...some how this one feels more scary, i agree this year seems to be going ever so quickly, my 1st appointment was is april and all being well will be gettin ready to start icsi in september/october! as much as the wait seems forever its exciting each time you get 1 step closer...wish you the best of luck with your op and upcoming ivf cycle x


Good luck with your operation on Friday.

My first consultation was November and in ways feels like it's took forever to get here but think that's to do with the fact I'm 35 and very consious of my age 😕.

Wish you all the luck with your icsi treatment. X


Hang in there. Had my tubes out in early June, IVF starting injections next week, eek! Keep focussing on the positives :)

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Thank you good luck I know will all be worth it in the bigger picture just having a wobble

Good luck on your journey and sending you lots of baby dust x


Hi Crazy-cat. Just adding my good wishes too. They will look after you, and once healed you can really start your proper IVF/ICSI cycle. Plenty of rest for a couple of weeks afterwards, so let's hope the sun shines again and you can enjoy relaxing. Diane

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Thank you diane, I have 2 weeks booked off work so defiantly going to relax and yes some sun would be nice lol


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