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Closely watching everything I eat and drink. Drinking plenty of hot water, eating chicken, fish, fruit and veg. Volvic touch of fruit, apple juice or fresh orange juice. No fizzy drinks, coffee or tea. Found out I was 2-3 weeks pregnant last Sunday I've taken a further two tests since then because I'm paranoid I'm going to lose it again like last time, so keep checking with tests. Don't think I'll relax or believe it is real until I see him/her on the screen when I go for scan on the 28th July. So happy I am pregnant yet I'm so paranoid that I'm going to eat something wrong or that I'm not eating the right thing or I'll pickup something heavy without realising. I get a buzz when I think that I am pregnant and it has worked but at the same time I drop myself back down saying it's not over yet have to survive the 12 week danger zone x x

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Hi SuzanneAM. Sounds like you’re doing OK – apart from your panic! Just keep up with a good sensible diet and please don’t forget the Folic Acid, which is most important. If you drop anything, just sit down to pick it up, and of course, if you get the opportunity to have a rest, please do! Keeping everything crossed for a safe ongoing pregnancy. Diane


Hi Suzanne,

I'm in a very similar place. My six-week scan is on the 24th and I feel like I'm just holding my breath til then. I worry about every little twinge. Lately I've been freaked that I don't feel more nauseated at this point, though rationally I realise that could be because it's still pretty early on. After worrying for years that I'd never conceive, it's hard to believe it's happened and I'm terrified something will go wrong. All ten fingers and toes crossed for the both of us. Good luck!


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