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Hi ladies! I have been interacting with this forum chats since a while, but this is my first post as of a question! I am confused about nasal spray. In my last FET cycle, I called clinic to guide me if spray comes out of nose, is good or right way to use it, or should I keep my head backwards so spray shouldn't come out. What I heard from them was, no it should not be coming out of nose and they advised to spray it while they were on call, I did spray, then tilted my head back, she made sure that this time it's not coming out and that was my method to follow. When I move head back, I would feel a taste and I thought may be this is sign for proper intake, because nurse told me that may be you'll feel bitter taste in throat but don't bother it. So did I.

Well today, when I am today's since I started the nasal spray for second round of FET, I noticed when I spray it just now, it didn't come out, neither I tasted anything in throat but I was quite sure yes I did press the spray inside. I thought would be better to call clinic again and make sure is it OK! This time nurse said, no we are not looking for sparry going down the throat, rather would be better if some of it comes out!!!! She says it must be absorbed inside nose!!! What to follow?????????

Did I followed wrong process last time? Was FET failed for this right or wrong process? Oh I am confused now?????? Please help me decide???

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Gosh confusing. When I am using the spray I close the other nostril and it does go down my throat.

I guess it is working otherwise they wouldn't let me move on to the next stage.

Relax and try not to think about it while doing it as the more anxious I am when taking the medication the more it doesn't seem to go right.

Good luck xx

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Thanks kirdrew, I would try doing it while I don't panic for process. xx


Hello, I used Suprecur nasal spray and sometimes I could taste it in my throat. That seems normal to me as your nose and throat are connected. I responded well to the nasal spray so I don't think you need to worry. If you weren't responding to the drugs they would be able to see from the scan. I don't think it will impact on your FET.

I used to blow my nose before doing the spray, then I was advised to tip my head over the bottle, spray and inhale at the same time to get as much in as possible.

Try not to worry! Good luck! x

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Thanks dear Hopeful1982 That seems working, I just tried that one. lol. xx

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