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Hello, looking for any dietry advice please.

I read somewhere that pineapple is good to eat during the IVF cycle. Is it the whole fruit or does the pressed juice count too? Also can you send me a list of the best foods to include during the cycle.

I saw it before on a thread but can't seem to find it again.

Did my very first injections this morning, and it was so easy and not painful at all. Actually acupuncture is more painful!!

Thanks for any advice, xxx

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  • Hi. I'm not sure what else is good but I had read that pinapple is great and the core is the best bit. I ate loads of it and also drank loads of pressed juice aswell and I am now 6w+2d pregnant. I had mild ohss after collection and I found milk really helped to settle my stomach x

    Good luck on your journey xx

  • The only dietary advice my clinic gives is to eat lots of protein and drink lots of water. I heard that it's the bromelain in pineapple core that can help with egg implantation although I've no idea how much truth there is in this. I'm sure eating pineapple won't do any harm.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi I ate a slice of fresh pineapple including the core everyday for 5 days after et. I also drank a glass of milk a day, drank lots of water and ate lots of fruit and veg. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, hope this helps xx

  • I also ate a slice of pineapple every day following ET until test day, high protein yogurts and milk daily too- I did get pregnant at the time. Good luck! x

  • I ate a couple of pieces of fresh pinapple for 5 days from egg transfer and drank plenty of water. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant xx

  • Hi I cut a full pineapple into 5 large pieces and eat 1 piece a day starting 3 days before my transfer and 2 days after ,( then I've fully avoided it and pineapple juice) I also drank 2 glasses of milk a day lots of water and 2 Brazil nuts and 2 walnuts - eat a healthy protein diet , it was our 1st and only go of IVF with our only good egg of 5 and I'm 19 weeks pregnant with a little boy ! Good luck xxx

  • Why is the milk important? Does it have to be cows milk or can I drink Soya or Almond milk? Thanks

  • I never ate outside my normal diet ..... I eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg but I also eat also of crisps and sweets haha ..... I never changed one thing so my body ran just as normal ..... I'm now 20 weeks on Monday .... Relax try not to worry and good luck with ur journey xx

  • That's good to hear Danielle. I have a fairly healthy diet but the one thing that lets me down is chocolate!!! I've given up my other vices (wine and caffeine) so hoping my chances of success don't rest on whether I have a Kit Kat or not! x

  • Yes haha I would t worry with chocolate .... I don't drink any fizzy juice or caffeine (tea coffee etc ) drinks anyway so that was ok for me and me and my partner both gave up alcohol 3 months before the ivf as they didn't know the reason of the infertility everything looked fine ..... Good luck huni xx

  • That's brilliant thanks for all the tips. Will be buying a pineapple tomorrow then!! :) xxx

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