Being offered 1 round of ivf last year. New funding available in my area

Hi everyone I received 1 round of ivf last year nhs funded (resulting in miscarriage) I recently read a report that the council have an extra 250 thousand this year for more ivf. I visited the doctor for a referral which I've received and posted to the clinic. I am really hoping I get funding for another round.

Has anybody been lucky to recieve extra funding for ivf?

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  • Let me know how that works we were refused funding but my partner has a child already. You may get lucky stay optimistic xx

  • Yeah thanks I will let you know how I get on. I know it's such ashame you can't get funding just because you partner has a child. Have you thought about egg sharing? It's considerably cheaper x

  • Hi sum1sweeta. Have a look at the website for an update on treatments in your area. If you need to appeal against any decision, then we have a template letter to fill in and send to your CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group). Go to the NHS Funding pages of and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the letters. It also tells you how to find your CCG address too if you don’t know. Good luck! Diane

  • Hi Diane, thank you so much for the information it's very helpful. :-)

  • Hi. My pleasure and good luck! Diane

  • Hi hun, I got the funding for an extra 2 cycles that will be a total of 3 before my 4th birthday. I'm over the moon about it. If anyone is in doubt about extra funding then please check, they change all the time.

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