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2ww complete 27th jun 2015

no change in the 1st week

but the 2nd week my body started to itch and then the cramps off and on

then it got to a point where, when i got out of bed i would have the cramps but in bed it settles down.

getting up to pee, even slight odd taste when i eat

i went to church on friday, the day before with my mum. i spoke with the rev. to pray for me and he said..HAVE FAITH

that is all he said to me.


can not really explain the way i feel. i think i am in shock and happy at the same time.

to tell the truth i do not think it has set in yet

my whole family are over the moon, one even cried. and i did not cry, not the crying type i guess

also thankful to GOD for giving me this gift

the have the rest 9month is to go...o boy

calling the clinic on mon to inform them of my result

then my scan in 4weeks i think...then i am handed over to my GP to the rest of it

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Congratultations the best feeling ever to get that positive result, I kept taking tests every few days to make sure everything ok. Hope everything goes well and you have a good pregnancy x


Great news.

Wishing you all the best.


Awesome..congratulations. .thank you God. So wonderful to read so many positive posts today.


Congratulations for happy news. Wishes for happy and healthy pregnancy and baby xx


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