Scratch of womb

Anyone had a scratch of their womb lining done and found their next cycle to be different. I had one on day 27 of my last cycle and then went into the heaviest period of my life! Doing opk tests now as was told would increase fertility for this cycle but I'm on day 13 and nothing showing (would normally be by now). Anyone found their cycle was a bit longer or different in any way after this procedure?

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  • Hi DC5867. Having an endo scratch is usually quite straightforward. However, I have heard of some women experiencing a heavier than normal period afterwards. Try not to worry about that, as it can happen. Regarding ovulation, then give yourself another couple of days, as even the most regular ovulation can sometimes be a little late or early. Hopefully, all will settle back to your normal cycle again. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. Would love a bit of consistency sometimes!! x

  • Hi. If only! Let's just hope it's a "blip" and you get back to your regular cycle again. Diane

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