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Hi ladies...this might sound silly...anyways I had my blood test done one the 23rd June 9dp5dt and got a level of 593. My clinc didn't want to repeat it and have arranged a scan or the 14th July. Which seems ages awayyyyy. would any of use get it repeated or just go with it...in a way I don't know If would repeat as the stress of the results is too much, just wondered what use think x x x

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Hi MK123. It’s not a silly question, if your puzzled, then always ask. That Beta hCG result is nice and high, so I expect the clinic feel it is unnecessary to repeat the test in 2 days. Well done, and fingers crossed for the scan on the 14th July. Diane


Thanx diane for your lovely reassuring reply. Yes I figured I am just going to hold out for my scan. IM really wishing the days away but I know when that date is here il also be extremely nervous! Il keep u updated. What a journey!xxx


Hi. Oh the wait is never easy! You like you're in with a good chance of success, so all the best. Diane


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