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No spotting or bleeding

Hi I'm 11dpt and have no signs of spotting or pms or any light bleeding and my test is in 2 days time. Anyone here had very similar 2ww?

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Me nothing either πŸ˜•


Im 8dpt and absolutely nothing . Good Luck and fingers crossed for you xxxx


Thank you. I will do my test tomorrow morning. Not been tempted to do an early one πŸ˜€


On my first cycle I was terrible was testing after 5d and every day after.... all Neg, but this time less stressed and have resisted testing, I still have until next wed to go.... best wishes and all the luck in the world that it is a positive result x


Snap! Bunnykins we have the same otd. Going out of my mind wanting to test early!

I am 8dp3dt and have had no spotting or bleeding. I have had a couple of very minor cramps lasting no more than a minute about once a day for the last 3 days.

I went from having no symptoms at all to minor cramps, larger breasts and my stomachs very swollen... all are pg symptoms but also progesterone side effects! Ahhh! Such a cruel waiting game!



Really, you need to try not to focus on symptoms (or lack of) as everyone is different. I had exactly the same symptoms for both my IVF cycles, and one was BFN and one was BFP, so that proves that symptoms really do not mean anything.

Good luck, x

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Today is testing day babylucas! FC very very tightly for you xxx


Hello.. I did test today and it was negative result. It was sad but we're okay again 😊 all we need to do is move forward and do it again this year. There is no point blaming the embryo or the uterus etc. it's out of our control its either it will work or not xxx

God bless everyone x


So sorry to hear your news BabyLucas. Good that you have a positive attitude about things, look after yourself and fingers crossed for your next cycle xx


Aww thanks very much xx πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰


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