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Can I please ask if anyone has experienced a brown discharge? I've had it on & off the past 3 days when I wipe. Could this be implantation? I also have endometriosis. I've never experienced this before. I'm on day 21 of my cycle so I'm expecting my period a week today. We've tried naturally this month and i'm hoping to have my FET next month. I'm driving myself crazy looking this up on Google 😨😡😩 x x

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  • Hi noodles, I have also got endometriosis and used to get loads of brown spotting before my period, when I firs started ttc I used to drive myself crazy by googling implementation bleeding all the time but it never was for me. Hopefully your case might be different. Best of luck x

  • Aw thanks for replying Shehulk. I've been getting sharp pains in both ovaries and wondered whether the dreaded cysts had returned. When I googled brown discharge it comes up with a whole list of possibilities. I've never had it before so I was a bit surprised. I'm not due my period for another week. I don't want anything to scupper my FET next month x x

  • I have endo and almost always get this before my period for between 3 and 7 days. I've read on the endo forum that this is common with endo, but I've no idea why.

  • Thanks Vickal x x

  • I started bleeding in between my periods last September I used to hope everytime if happened it was implanation bleeding. Sadly in my case it wasn't. Long & boring story cut short my bleeding between periods is being caused by a fibroid in the lining of my uterus and I'm currently awaiting a date for surgery to have it removed. As in my consultants opinion it is the cause of our otherwise unexplained infertilty as due to location prevents any potential implanation.

    If worst case scenerio your period comes ( I hope that dosent happen for you and you get your BFP) I would urge you to seek medical advice on the bleeding in case it is a fibroid esp before having ivf as it can lessen the chance of ivf working. Good luck wishing you a lovely BFP X

  • Aw thanks for your reply jess1981. I'm so glad you've finally got to the bottom of all the issues you've been having and wish you the best of luck with your op and of course the rest of your journey. I called the hospital this afternoon for some advice and they've said I should wait to see if my period comes and phone them, then they'll get me scanned to see what's going on. Whatever it is I hope its not gonna delay my FET. OH a BFP would be so lovely right now but I don't think I'm that lucky 😞 x x

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