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My journey of IVF

Hi, I have just stumbled upon this group so please bare with me!

I have just finished my 2nd cycle of IVF and I'm on the nail biting 2 week wait. Last year on my 2 week wait I started bleeding near to the TIME and need less to say it was negative. This time around its gone swimmingly. I have felt so positive and then last night happened! I started to bleed again. I still have a week to go to do the test.

I was told there could be some "spotting" and "not to worry about it" but I'm finding this very difficult because of what happened last cycle.

I was wandering if anybody had had the same and their outcome was positive? Is there still a chance of a positive test? I had 2 embryos transfered back, could the bleeding be just 1?

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Every experience is different, but my sister was in the same situation - she had two put back in and then had a bad bleed and was terrified she had lost them. When she went in for the scan she was astounded to hear there were two heart beats, and now she's the mother of two beautiful boys! Bleeding is awful to go through at a time like this but I guess it can signify all sorts of things, so it's not over yet. I hope you can take heart from this, hang in there xx


Thank you so much for your reply. My husband and my family have said the same thing "it's not over yet" and Im trying to stay positive but I'm always thinking the worse! It's just nice to know that having a bleed doesn't mean the end.


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