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Has anyone had ohss?!

I had egg collection on wednesday. They collected 21 eggs and 15 have fertilised but I am still uncomfortable. My tummy is really tender and I dont know if its all in my head because she told me the side effects of ohss but I feel like I am having reflux or palpitations and i am yawning all the time. Is this just me worrying do you think or a sign of ohss!!!??

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These symptoms sound horrid but my ohss was different. I had a mild fever, shortness of breath, drinking vast quantities of water without weeing much as well as the colossal bloating and ovary pain. Pls ring your clinic's nurse if you're worried as it can be serious. I fell pregnant which made my ohss worse and was told that I was in more danger than the embryo was. To help I was told to drink a pint of milk (as part of the general fluid intake) every day and eat plenty of protein. This was 4 years ago so worth checking if still relevant. Good luck. I hope it's not what you think. Xx


I had belatedness and ovarian pain for two months after both failed embryos. Doing well andnormal as of now.


Did you end up calling the clinic?

You need to drink plenty of water still as your ovaries are trying to recover from being poked however many times.

Were you sedated or under general?

I had general and felt pretty rubbish afterwards.

Hope you are feeling better today?



Thanks for replying. Yes I rang the clonic and the nurse said just to rest up and drink plenty. I do feel alot better today. She said to play it by ear and the doctor will examine me before putting the egg back in tomorrow. I ssoooo hope I am ok to have it done but I just want to make sure I am well before I do xx

I had sedation so felt fine when I came round x


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