Anyone had mild OHSS?

My upper abdomen has been severely bloated for a couple if days now and it's hard to take a deep breath. Its not so bad in the morning but gets worse as the day goes on.

My clinic said to monitor symptoms to make sure it doesn't get worse, they said there is nothing I can really do to get relief in my stomach/ breathing.

But can anyone recommend anything to try?

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  • Hi Belfast1. If I remember rightly, you did have a large egg collection?? You need to drinking plenty of water just in case the OHSS should worsen. Take some paracetamol if needed, but if it worsens or you notice hat your urine output goes down, or become breathless, then you need to be seen urgently by a doctor. Obviously, I do hope it settles down soon. Diane

  • Yes I had 18 eggs but only ended up with 2 in the end, transferred yesterday. I did feel very bloated on sat but it eases off in the mornings so I thought it was trapped wind. But then it got bad again yesterday afternoon and now again today and it just didn't feel right.

    I asked the clinic today was there anything I could take but unfortunately there isn't all I can do is monitor it, my symptoms are mild so far. They said I can come in at any time if I want to.

    I just though someone on here might have some advice for a bit of relief but sounds like it will eventually pass itself.

    Thanks for your advice I will be watching for everything!

  • Hi. Thanks for filling me in. Try and rest when you can and keep up with the fluids just in case. Your symptoms won't affect the embryo transfer, just that you may remain bloated for a few days. Fingers crossed all goes well for you. Diane

  • Hi Belfast1 I had this and had severe bloating and like you felt out of breath and ended up feeling very sick. Like you there wasn't much I could. I just drank lots of water and rested at night after work as I was normally exhausted. X

  • Luckily im taking some time off work at the moment, I defo don't think I would be fit for work anyway. You must have really struggled.

  • Hey hon

    I was told by my gynae to eat 6 egg whites daily, drink 2 litres of sports drinks and two spoons of protein powder daily.

    I had to weigh myself every morning at the same time.

    If my weight rise more than 1 kilo in 24 hours I had to go to hospital immediately.

    I had 16 out.

    It does get better but at the time it's really horrid I really really feel for you lovey

  • Thanks I'll try all that, it can't do any harm sure. I think this 2ww is going to b the worst so far x

  • Yeah it was pretty hard going and I felt so ill at times, however it did eventually pass and it's worth it. I had 19 eggs collected so very like you x

  • If it ends up being worth it I'll gladly take it x

  • I had 32 eggs with 10 mature. I remember the pain walking around like someone punched me in the stomach, couldn't lie on my sides as I felt the weight of the ovaries oppressing and hurting. I had daily blood test and still had to nurse the eggs to get the maximum to maturity and with good quality so water, nuts, protein,...

    No gym though as I could barely walk and was constantly feeling sick. And also you don't want your tubes to twist

  • Yeah I felt the exact same. I seem to be much better now, it ended up being moderate.

    I've heard it's not the best sign if it goes away though :-(

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