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Always bled before OTD....Progesterone Options???

Hi lovely ladies

I'm just about to embark on my 4th FET 5th transfer in total....I have always bled before OTD I've had cyclogest and last time Utrogestone pessarys....I've heard of the subcutaneous Progesterone but don't know if this is a better option or not?? Has anyone got any experiences or information on this.

Thank you in advance.

Flower11 x x x

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Hi Flower11. Well, I must say, that I haven’t heard of many women using the subcutaneous or intra-muscular version of progesterone (Lubion). I do know that is can sometimes be prescribed if there are any issues with the vaginal versions (pessaries & gel), and sometimes for religious preferences. I have heard that it can cause soreness at the injection site, so may be worth thinking about, when you have to inject for quite a number of weeks usually. Also, success results appear to be about the same whether injected or vaginally administered, according to a few studies I have read. I think it all boils down to patient choice, but you will need to talk it over with your consultant obviously, beforehand for his/her advice. However, I do wish you well with whatever is decided and especially for success this time around.