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Failed fresh cycle 1

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I'm not from the uk but this seemed like a great support group so I've just signed up.😊

Received official confirmation of my first BFN today but I've known since last Sat (30/5)when I first saw blood. It was a big shock as it was only 8dp3dt and I wasn't expecting AF till tomorrow (5/6)--I thus felt like a big fat failure:( period is so heavy and today is day 6😔

Has anyone else experienced this ? Early AF😞 is it because of insufficient progesterone? I haven't been v skillful in inserting the pills up my u-know-where so they may not hv been absorbed properly😞

Will FET work for me? My period is now so heavy I sometimes fear I'm bleeding out my entire uterus!!!

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Hi hope I don't really know about the pessaries but just wanted to send you my best. x


Hi honey

This journey is a crazy emotional one and nothing can prepare you for the negative or positive unfortunately.

I am on my 2 round which rests on everything or a life without kids.

The first time round is more so like a test of waters some people

Get lucky others don't. Try to stay positive.

As for the pessaries I am too on these ans insert vaginally not the easiet thing to do but good thing is they absorb quickly and what comes out is the remanets of it can be rather messy and costly on the knicker draw.

On my failed cycle it I bles 8dp5dt blast for 2 days and then stopped nothing further for a whole month when it did finally come it was light and 3 days then I had another a 2 weeks later didn't get back on track for about 2 months.

I hope when you go for your next cycle it works for you 😘🙏🏽


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