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How to get through IVF clinic?!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick summary on whats going on...

Ive had unsuccessful IVF cycle in Sept-Nov 2014 and have been told by my clinic we have to wait 6 months (so till May 2015).

They requested blood tests and scan which i think i ve done Jan -Feb 2015.

Since then noone came back to me.

I was on holiday in Apr when i found out i got pregnant naturally but sadly had a miscarriage at 9 weeks.

Because of pregnancy i didn't mind that clinic wasn't contacting me as i thought in case all goes wrong (which it did) we still have our tries if IVF.

So i wrote clinic almost straight away after I had a miscarriage (about a month ago) and only got 1 or 2 responses via email from nurses that they will pass my info to doctor for consideration.

I wrote them once again few days ago as my last email (couple of weeks ago) wasn't answered at all...

So time is going but i still dont know what to do!

What would you advise?

p.s . my mum recomends to go to clinic and talk to them there

I think i might just do it next week! or is it crazy?!

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You can't ignore a live person standing in front of you. Besides you are paying. You need the best care and to feel comfortable.


Forgot to mention that is NHS funded IVF so... i guess that could be one of the reasons they dont bother!?


I think you should consult with your doctor & tell him or her what's going on - your gp or the receptionist at the surgery can get intouch with the hospital/clinic & prompt them to contact you.

Thats what happened in my case regarding NHS funding, I was told I had to apply & was just left high & dry.

Good luck!

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Hi! I think it depends on the clinic! I don't think it should matter if it funded by Nhs or not because anyway they will take the money for that procedure. Good luck hope everything will work out for you!


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