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Rubbish 9dp3dt...BFN

So I caved in with a first response and got my longed for BFN. No big bleed other than a tiny weeny bit yesterday which resulted in my already thinking game over, nothing more since then other than cramping and that mainly comes on with the cyclogest.

I know I have done a stupid thing but just got fed up with holding my breath with every wipe, praying hoping thinking I feel something.

I don't know how to feel thought I would have broke down but no haven't maybe a little part is hoping that it's too early and things may change but if not I am preparing myself for OTD which is Sunday😂😢🙏🏽🙈

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Hi TamTam my hubby keeps telling me to take one day at a time. Easier said than done! Sending you lots of positivity there is still time before Sunday x


It could be to early hun try to keep positive and wait until Sunday fingers crossed for you xx


It may have not fully implanted . Hcg only releases when a true connection is made.

Did you test in the morning ? Did you use a first response test ?

The hcg level has to be usually be over 25-50miu to get a positive result .

Do not give up hope as them tests can be some what misleading ?

Cramping and spotting can also be a indication of implantation!

Please let me know ?



Hi mrs x

I did use FR test but tested in PM 🙈. Not really spotting anymore did notice a few brown tiny clumps yesterday but very slight. No symptoms other than intermittent waves of cramping, severe backache left side mainly but could be due to AF all yesterday but better now and hot sweats at night again signs of AF.

Was going to do test again tomorrow but really may hold out to OTD unless something changes 😘

Thanking you xxx


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