Embryo transfer yesterday

We had our little embryos go back in yesterday..... Out of our 8 only 1 managed to go to a very early Blastocys. Due to the fact it was an early blast they couldn't grade it so they gave us the option of 2 to go back. We took this opportunity to have 2 as we have no clear way of knowing if this blast embryo is strong enough.

Has anyone ever had this happen ?


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  • I had my transfer yesterday aswell! Good luck :-) sending you lots of pregnancy dust & wishes xx

  • Thank you and the same to you the very best of luck xx

  • I had a 3dt not sure if it has worked yet was all set for game over yesterday but not sure. The saying is you only need 1

    Good luck xxx

  • Absolutely that's so true....

  • Lots of baby dusts towards you xx

  • Thank you so much xx

  • Hi we had my frozen embryo transfer yesterday too. Only 1 though as that was all we had. it was nerve racking but beautiful at the same time. Worst part day before I ended up with the worst toothache, which I have never had. I was put on antibiotics which panicked me but apparently you can take them. Today I'm taking day off from work and resting up. Calmness and relaxation hopefully. Fingers crossed for all of us. X

  • Yes fingers crossed to all of us..... Let's hope this is it for us all xx

  • Good luck ☺xxxx

  • 👍🏽

  • Let's keep eachother updated. This is my third go. 1st BFP miscarried at 8 weeks, 2nd cycle BFN :( and now going for frozen. Praying for us all! Xx

  • That sounds great I would love that...... Although I'm a bit upset as we have no embryos to freeze! Feel like everything is on this 1 😳😳😳😳

  • You only need 1. Keep strong positive and happy. X

  • So true it's hard when your sitting at home chilling

  • I know it's hard but keep relaxed eating healthy and stay positive. it will happen. Praying for us all x

  • Where did you have your treatment?? X

  • NHS hospitals near me..... Are you private it NHS ?

  • I had it at Nuffield hospital, woking in surrey. They were fantastic but I do know argc.co.uk are even better. If this frozen embryo is not successful I am planning to go to ARGC. Fingers crossed.

  • Wow just had a look.... Bet it's expensive..... Have you tried an NHS cycle?

  • It does add up yes I did a NHS cycle and that was at woking. But next cycle if we need to pay need to be at a good clinic. Woking were very good and they have my details and records so probably better to stay there. but I went to see a separate consultant who told me that I should go for ICSI only as it's much better chance of a good quality embryo. The 2nd cycle just didn't feel great at all and it was IVF. If I had known I would of said I want ICSI. I think my frame of mind and approach is better this time. I'm just trying to keep positive :)

  • That's fab you sound so strong, we had icsi as its my hubby that has the problem..... It's always so hard to know where to go, we are at Hammersmith which is also a private clinic too so if this dose not work then we can carry on at the same place. Is it just me or is it hard to stay positive?

  • I know what you mean it is hard to know what is good but hammersmith is very good. You have to stay positive, it takes a lot out of you generally with the drugs but think we have options and so much medical help. It will happen and I know exactly how you're feeling. I felt it too, I think maybe it's because I have had it done twice now I just don't want to worry or feel sad. I just need to keep strong not only for myself but my husband because it can put a lot of pressure on the relationship. Try and keep yourself busy. Plan things so the days go quick and try not to over think. I did all these things and it didn't help at all. You will feel more relaxed that way too. Try and meditate as it helps alot. Praying for us xxx

  • That's great advice I totally agree but going though this for the first time makes me think I should be resting and not doing too much ! It's hard to know... I feel better everyday which is great after my ER I thought I would never get here but I'm much stronger and eating better today too. How are you feeling ? Xx

  • I do know what you mean. Rest and chill as much as you can. My day has been ok just busy at work but I've been taking it easy which is good. Felt a bit crampy and stomach is slightly sensitive. I think it's just the nerves tbh. Apart from that im looking forward to the weekend of just relaxing. Do you have anything planned?

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